Best Shavette for Newbie?

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  1. Hey guys! I have many hobbies so my time shaving is limited. I would love to straight razor shave just to give it a whirl! Can you guys recommend a good "shavette" razor? I'm not sure if thats a brand name or the general term for a straight with a replaceable blade. Any info is appreciated!
  2. im just starting out on "straight" razor, and i bought myself a feather DX (teak). i dont believe in buying into entry level products, but the best. that way, you only get the finest, and you only have to buy it once.

    i know some people will disagree that a feather is not a true straight, nor is it the "best". i cant comment on the feather DX straight yet, as Im still waiting for it to arrive from the usa.
  3. I have been using a Weck Sextoblade and haven't been using many DE's for the last 3ish weeks. I think they are great! It uses hair shaper type blades and not the 1/2 DE blades.
  4. Kentos

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    Every straight basically boils down to a sharp razor edge on a stick. They all give great shaves in different ways, kinda like choosing between Japanese, Italian, Chinese and Mexican....restaurants or otherwise...:).

    Read up a little and go get yerslef one and start shaving! If you like it you will probably end up with all kinds of straights anyways, traditional and disposable:lol:.
  5. Right!

    Buy a Parker shavette, use it. Justify "trying other straights", next thing you know your medicine ca inet will be overflowing like all the rest of us nutjobs.
  6. Well said
  7. Yup, the Parker is a very nice disposable blade straight. Of the 3 models they have I like the SRW the best.
  8. +1 on the Parker. They're solidly made, hold a blade well and reasonably priced
  9. I feel guilty how much I enjoy using my Parker. Sharp blades are pennies a pop, as opposed to Feather/KAI blades, and it doesn't feel like a total piece of cheap junk.
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    So the Parker definitely gets the nod over the Dovos?
  11. The only shavette I have tried is the Parker SRW, and I have used it every single day since it's arrival(note sig). I am definitely an advocate.
  12. I believe the blade holding system in Dovo shavettes is pretty crappy
  13. I bought one off the BST and I can't get the blades in there either. I think I'm going to order some Single Edge blades like that one that comes with the Dovo and see if that helps. I kept cutting my finger trying to get the blade to load and I couldn't get it situated right.
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    I actually make myself not enjoy my Parker since I have so much money sunk into stainless steel can I rationalize that a 17.00 shavette shaves as well as a 250.00 teak handled marvel of engineering?!? YMMV
  15. the satisifaction of seeing the teak scales and feeling the sheer difference in quality. not sure you can justify the huge jump in price tho. even when buying used, the jump in price is mind boggling.
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    I was talking with tongue in cheek :). I love my DX and SS, but the Parker will shave just as well despite the cost difference.
  17. For the price the wahl shavetts are really good! they are all stainless with plastic scales and dont cost much more then $10

    Here is one i rescaled
    $Shavett custom scales rev3 photo4.jpg

    But if money isnt an issue get a feather!

    I have to admit thouhgh, the parker is probably better the the wahl by looking at the photos of them!
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  18. One nice thing about doves is you can put bigger blades in them but if you search the forum you can find instructions on how to modify a feather blade to fit a Parker.
  19. I use the large personna hair shaper blades in my dovo and get a very good shave from it, i know a lot of you guys don't like the hair shaper blades but i prefer them because they don't flex and the size.
  20. I've only tried the all-metal looking Parker. What's the difference between the different kinds?

    I like the SRW's design better than mine with the big corny "hygienic quality" written on the side.

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