Best Shampoo for dry/itchy scalp?

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  1. I have dry/itchy scalp but no dandruff and have mulled over different sample shampoos with no remedy. I've tried cheap organic tea-tree from the local co-op to expensive Aveda mens shampoo (way too over priced). The only stuff that works well is the shampoo my stylist uses when I get a haircut, but at $38 a bottle it's way too expensive. I like the tingly, cooling sensation stuff.

    I'm considering trying the Baxter line or Redkin Mint Clean...Any other suggestions?
  2. No cooling, but I had itchy scalp plus dandruff for years and years that was not solved by any type of shampoo and it has gone away completely by switching to a shampoo bar from This shampoo bar has lots of nice hydrating goodies and even includes some argan oil.

    I haven't used any other shampoo or any conditioner since I started using it. My hair and scalp are very healthy now. Highly recommended.
  3. Coal tar soap is/was incredibly effective but you can't buy it any longer in the nanny state. I think you can still order it from England - their nanny apparently missed it. It smells of the old cloth friction tape but I came to love it.

    You can buy Pine Tar soap at Whole Foods but it isn't as good - smells about the same though.
  4. You should try Primrose & Lavender Scalp-Soothing Shampoo from Aubrey Organics. This is an organic shampoo and I think it will help your scalp condition.
    You can get it from for a nice price, just enter the IRO586 coupon code and you will get a $5 discount for the first purchase. With the discount, the shampoo will cost less than $7.
  5. Mint 365 shampoo from Whole Foods
  6. Which one/s did you use?

    I too have had dry scalp/dandruff for as long as I can remember and eagerly await your reply!
  7. Have you tried the dandruff shampoos you can get from Target and similar places? I have fairly dry scalp, not itching like you described though, and I use the cheap Target brand dandruff shampoo and it seems to work well for me.
  8. She only makes one shampoo bar. Just call the number on the website and order it.

    I just got two more of them, and started my 17-year-old on it, too. Best thing I've ever found for dry, itchy scalp. :thumbup1:
  9. This is great! I am glad I found this. Thank you a millions times.

  10. Will let you know how I get on, cheers for your help!
  11. Ordered myself a couple of bars.

    Looking forward to them arriving in the mail.
  12. Excellent. I think you're going to like them.

    Make sure the bar drains well/dries between uses, and keep it out of the shower as much as possible to maximize how long it lasts.
  13. I use Mane & Tail, also available at Sallys.
  14. Head & Shoulders dry scalp shampoo w/ almond oil has been great for me. I had no dandruff but was always scratching my head due to the dryness. H&S stopped the dryness in only a few days use.
  15. nazoral (once a week) in combination with selsunblue
  16. Where is this nanny state? I could swear I just saw some last week in a store.
  17. I don't think you can buy it in California. However, I think in most states you can buy it.
  18. I used it last night.

    Rubbed the bar over my wet hair and lathered it up with my hands then rinsed it off. Not sure how to use a soap bar tbh.

    I didnt want to immediately come on here and say "YES, THIS IS THE MIRACLE CURE" after one use but it does seem to have genuinely helped.

    I have a bad habit of scratching my head while stretched out on the sofa while watching tv and yesterday I was watching tv and the large flakes of dry scalp/dandruff just dont seem as present.

    It seems that the dry scalp/dandruff just hasnt built up and been left on my head. Basically I can honestly see that a soap residue hasnt been left behind as much.
  19. My two bars came as well. Fantastic. I don't think I will be using store bought shampoo ever again. I find that the vineger rinse (or you can use Dr.Bronner concentrate conditioner) helps bring your hair back to feeling "normal" or a bit more slippery. Don't really have to use it, but I had the Bronners a charm with the Soap Bar. The MysticWaters Soap bar.:thumbup:


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