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  1. What are some of the best options for a razor to take on trips? I have to have it in carry on luggage and mailing blades to myself is not a workable solution.
  2. Trust me... do the Mach3 stuff, no hassles at all. Leave the expensive stuff at home especially on international flights.
  3. Good point - I cannot try to get anything past them. I am a crew member and could loose my job for a tsa infraction. I was wondering about the best cartridge or disposable razor that would meet tsa criteria. I do take one handle with me if i know where to buy blades locally but i was wondering for the other 90% of the time. Os there any option better than the Mach 3? @
  4. I would opt for a bump fighter handle, which you can pick up at most Wal-Mart stores:
    don't use the blades though...they are for skin conditions and will not give you a close razor bumps

    And purchase the wilkinson twin II plus also at walmart for around $3.60 for a ten pack.
    they might not be the absolute best overall ... but I've found in traveling ... these work out quite well and give a decent shave.
    as posted here:

    Overall the price is right and easy to get
  5. Personally, I wouldn't bother with the Mach III. That is sort of the "expensive stuff" when you consider the cartridge price. Pick up a Sensor handle and you can get the regular Sensor twin-blades or the Sensor Excel version. A good, reliable cartridge that can give you a decent shave and cartridges are still widely available and don't cost all that much. Trac II is also an option, with many good handles available (I still have a nice cast brass one).
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    Either the Atra or the Trac II is my choice. I actually prefer the Trac II better, and I use the bump fighter handle. The Atra has a pivoting head, the Trac II is rigid, and more like a DE. Both have 2 bladed cartridges and in my opinion are much better than 3 (or more) bladed carts.

    I buy my refill carts at Dollar General, and the ones they carry fit both the Trac II and the Atra.

    If you really want to use your DE... There is nothing against carrying a DE razor on the plane, the only issue is the blade. If you don't want to mail blades to your hotel ahead of time, you could see if there is a CVS or Walgreens near the hotel. Then you could just buy a pack when you get there.
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  7. As a double edge user I have found yellow plastic Bic single blade disposables perfect for travel- each one lasts me a week, I carry a boar brush and 1/2 of a Palmolive shave stick in a plastic 35mm film can and I've never had any problems- and the shave feels totally familiar. Multi blade disposables clog with shave stick lather, but these Bics never seem to. I used to carry a double edge razor and blades in my check in baggage, but have worried about getting caught out if I have to take my check in on board the aircraft- which has happened in the past. So the Bic/shave stick/brush is a no worry solution. Happy flying.
  8. As soon as I discovered the benefits of a single blade (by DE shaving) I ordered a Gillette Guard for traveling with only cary-on.

    This is quite a nice razor and there is none of the tugging that I associate with multi blade carts. My main issue with the guard is that some pressure is needed to prevent the pivot from ratling. Non-pivoting would have been better for me.

    The 2 blade Sensor Excel is too long ago for me to compare but I do have reasonably possitive memories from it. From the yellow BIC disposibles I only have bloody memories but I must admit I knew jack-squat about shaving when I tried it a long time ago.
  9. A cheap battery powered electric shaver is possibly the least "offensive" shaving implement for international flights or if limited to carry on luggage only, IMO. I have never heard of one of these being confiscated by airport security.

    You will so much more appreciate your wet shaves when safely back home on the ground.
  10. If you still want to stick with a DE razor for travel, then for 1) lightness in weight (14g), 2) being non-metal and 3) providing an excellent shave, I highly recommend the Merkur 45 Bakelite.
  11. You will still need blades that are a definite "NO" for carry-on luggage.
  12. about a Lord (without the blade inserted)?

    .........they are inexpensive and give a pretty good shave.......

    .......and if it is taken by TSA, no big loss.........
  13. Bic Metal. Get a bag of 20 and keep it in your medicine cabinet for trips.

    I really hope the TSA loosens rules against DE blades. After all, if the terrorists attack and I have a Feather in my carry-on, I can take them on myself.
  14. +1- this $8 Walmart solution is a winner. The Bumpfighter handles are often kept in the African-American section of the department and not with the rest of the shaving items, so they can be a little hard to find. But, for the price and lack of hassle, I am not sure they can be beat for carry on traveling. The handle has very nice feel and balance and IMO is an excellent Trac II type handle.
  15. +1
  16. Is an injector against the rules? I haven't used one in a while, but I used a Schick Injector for years. If they are't against the rules, maybe try one for travel. Maybe not.
  17. 1. Injectors ARE against the rules.
    2. I can no longer find the Bump Fighter handle for sale at our local WalMarts. I searched two of them within the past week, and they are not to be found. Not sure WalMart even carries them anymore.
    3. I agree with the earlier poster who suggested the Gillette Guard. I also like Bic Sensitive and Bic Metal, but I find the Gillette Guard is even better. I like it better than Trac II and Atra, also. The Guard is my go-to solution for travel.
  18. Bic disposable with tiny bottle of Shave Secret.
  19. I like the Gillette Sensor Excel.

  20. I think any DE razor is a bad bet for you, in this situation. If you're anything like me, your last shave before your return flight will taken quickly, when you're still only half-awake, and you will unthinkingly toss your razor into your luggage without remembering to remove the blade first. Since you might face real consequences in your job for making TSA pull you aside for a sit-down, I see no point in running the risk. Get yourself a simple cartridge razor – Trac II, Atra, Sensor, etc. – and eliminate the worry.

    Last time I flew with carry-on only, I took a Sensor Excel. I'm planning to do the same thing on my next trip, except this time I'll also be armed with a good travel brush and a shave stick. I'm hoping that the combination works well.

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