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    I have used Noxon with some success on restoring old straights. Any advantage to using MAAS? Is it the best of the best for polishing up a vintage razor? Any other recommended brand? I just cant seems to get m razor to really sparkle.
  2. I hear Maas a lot so it must be good...
  3. Yeah Maas is the best
    Get the paste for all metals.
  4. Maas +2
  5. Flitz..only thing local hardware store carried..#000 woolpads both combined cleaned up a nice dirty razor to shiny glory
  6. Whatever you do don't use that cotton waded gasoline soaked stuff called Never Dull. On gold inlays and plating it'll rub it right off.

    Another good polisher is Blue magic. Found at most auto parts stores in the car wax section and major chain retailer s.
  7. Mother's Polish is pretty good too, but I prefer Maas. I guess they both get about the same results.
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  9. +1 but then again its about all you can get in Australia. I have compared it to photos from people using MAAS and it looks just as good
  10. Maas is the best that I have used. You can buy it at ACE Hardware for about $5. I have used alot of polishes and this seems to be the best 1.
  11. I have a friend in Sweden who was only able to get Autosol locally and I convinced him to try Maas and he agrees there is no comparison. I assure you there is a big difference.
  12. i've gotten very good results wuth Metalwax.
  13. I have personally been using Blue Magic Cream. It does a very good job. The ACE that I go to does not have MAAS in stock so I will probably just get some online eventually.

  14. they work about the same... i like maas for when i use a dremel because its firmer and wont' go everywhere when the wheel hits it but i like blue magic when hand polishing
  15. I've been using Flitz with good results and a tube lasts a long time. I've been using the same tube for about 28 years! I'm not sure how it compares to Maas.
  16. Who is this traitor :biggrin:

    Swedes, including myself, live & die by the Autosol.
    ALL of us have at least one pint sized jar of the stuff at home.
    And WE LOVE IT!

    Actually I have had & helped out with requests for sending Autosol across the pond to US restorers who found it "way better then anything available in the US including Flitz & Maas"
    That said I haven't tried any of the big US makers.

    But I did the right thing & just ordered me some Maas. Shipping was way higher then the products though...
    When reading about it I am left mildly skeptic...lavender smell?? Autosol smells like dirty metal & naphtha. Smells that belong in a workshop :biggrin:

    Autosol can be smeared on a felt wheel for the Dremel or even on a buffing stitched cotton wheel & turn the buffer into a monster polisher.
    I do not know how Maas handles that. But I will find out.
  17. I use Maas the same ways you describe. He who shall remain nameless has his 2 pints of Autosol still as well. :lol:
    I have never tried it myself but I am due for more polish I may procure some Autosol myself just to be educated.
    I think Maas is less than $16 on Ebay shipped to you maybe a good bit less.
  18. I just got word my MAAS shipped out.
    In a week or so I'll know what it's about!
  19. Thats good news. Won't be long now and SWMBO will have you polishing the silver.:lol:
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    I can't wait for the Metal Polish Smackdown. (Go Autosol!)

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