Best razor for a goatee?

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  1. Hi Guys: I'm fairly new to wet shaving and brand new to this site.

    I'm wondering what you think is the best razor (+ blades) to get a defined look for one with a goatee. Someone recommended the Merkur Vision, but after looking at it, I feel it's too bulky for my taste. I'm used to the single edge plastic bic which gives me an ok result.

    Also, should I get Single edge or Double edge? Thanks!
  2. I would say the vision would be very difficult to use in such a precise manner, simply due to the size of the head which obscures your view of what you are doing. IMHO, a straight razor is the implement of choice for defining facial hair.
  3. A gillette tech or a gillette "new' work the best for shaping around and inside my goatee.
    The heads are flatter and easier to see around then any of my tto razors.
  4. I have a goatee (with moustache (sp?)) and have had no trouble keeping it up to snuff with all of my razors (Merkur Classic and various vintage Gillettes). As for blades, either Derbys or IPs. So, my recommendation is for no specific razor; they all work well for me.
  5. Hey, I have a goatee as well. I have a Merkur Progress and a Gillette "K" from the 1960's. IMHO, any blade will work if you take the time to understand it. I've been DE shaving for a relatively short time (under a year), and it took me about 4 months of shaving with the progress to get it where I want it to go (partly because after a few shaves, I thought it was amazing, and didn't spend a concerted effort to 'improve'). My Gillete is much newer to me, and I've yet to get the same shave on it (though I continue to try!)

    Patience, as they say.... and lots of aftershave (ouch!)
  6. Find a 4/8" straight razor on eBay would be nice (like this one I bought):

    Union Cutlery "Spike"

    The narrow blade gives you easier control, and might even [gasp!] provide a point-of-entry into the world of straight-razor shaving.

    OTOH, from my years of experience with having a goatee, I think that the best razor for it is a pair of electric clippers with a #1 head. Later on, when you're home, lather-up and "flick your Bic" to finish-off the remaining stubble! :biggrin:
  7. I suspect that the Merkur HD would fit the bill. Certainly the '50s~'60s superspeeds would work well.

    -- John Gehman
  8. I use a cheapie electric to keep it trimmed and a Merkur HD to trim around it. I just picked up an old gillette superspeed and will give that a try, but the Merkur works good when you figure out where the blade is in the razor.
  9. i'd also say the merkur hd... i have a merkur vision, a merkur futur, a merkur slant, a cheapie chinese branded DE and the merkur hd- i think i most like the hd... it cuts so smoothly, and is small enough to easily manage
  10. I've been using a rechargeable beard trimmer to keep the shape of my goat.. then a Mach3. I'm in the process of switching to a straight, hopefully I find it as easy as the mach.
  11. JB, is that the "wedge-ish" Union Spike (can't see ebay from the office)? If so, I have one too. Nice heft for a small blade - great shaver (although I don't have a goatee).

  12. Since you first asked this question I have been paying more attention to how each of my razors work around my Goatee. With a little patience any of them will clean up the outside just fine.
    If you shave inside your Goatee like this: View attachment 4832
    Not all of them work.
    I clean up the area on each side a bit more than this and the TTO razors do not work well at all. I use my NEW or a Tech and they do a good job. So I guess it depends on what kind of Goatee you have.
  13. netsurfr

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    I'll admit it; I am prejudiced. However, I would recommend use of a straight razor for really precise trimming around a goat.
  14. So why wouldn't any of you use the Markur Mustache Razor? Tiny little thing seems like it would do the job to clean up those tight places. I am clean shaven so I don't worry about those things but seems like it would work better than a full size razor.
  15. Yup, it is. I bought two of 'em -- one turned-out to have been over-honed, and you can really see it on the spine; the other one has some light rust, and my finances aren't in a position to invest in different-grit sandpapers, liquids, etc. In the meanwhile, they'll keep.
  16. i use an electric to keep the goatee short, and have used a Merkur HD, 1906 Gillette, and a 52 Super Speed to trim around the goatee

    they all work well. i really can't tell much of a diference
  17. Cause the blades are as dull as dirt. I paid full retail for one at a cutlery store at the mall and bought a pack of blades. They were all dull, they wouldn't even cut the hair on my arm let alone my whiskers. From past discussions here and at SMF I haven't heard one person say that they got good blades for this razor. Now if Feather would make blades for it I'd buy some and give it another try.:cursing:
  18. I have a goatee, and use a Gillette Fatboy DE. I have good luck with it, and am able to keep my goatee edged just fine. I did have to practice a little bit, but eventually it worked out fine.

    For blades, I like Derbys and am currently auditioning Swedish Gillettes. Get letterk's sampler pack and try them out.
  19. Mach III for my goatee.

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