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  1. I posted this question in another board and got some interesting feedback. In my ongoing quest to find the best pizza when I travel, I would like your feedback on what local joints offer the best pizza in your town.

    I live in the Milwaukee area. We know how to do beer, bratwurst and cheese better than anyone, but we are lacking in the pizza department.

    Lou Malnati's in the Chicago area (Buffalo Grove to be exact) is my top choice.
  2. If you make your way down to Chicago again you need to visit Caponies Trattoria. They have the best brick/wood burning pizza you will ever eat. It can be a bit greasy at times, but that just makes it even more delicious.

    The address is:
    3350 N Harlem Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60634

    The number is: (773) 804-9024

    In relation to downtown it's about 30 minutes NW.
  3. Being an Atlanta boy, I'm partial to The Mellow Mushroom. They're a funky little pizza chain that started in the 70's here, and have expanded throughout the South, especially in college towns. I love the Magical Mystery Tour - pesto sauce, button & portobello mushrooms, spinach, feta cheese, and jalapenos. I like to add meatballs to satisfy the carnivorous instincts.
  4. In Chicago its, Annetti's and Coluta's on the NW side.
    At the store its Jacks frozen pizza.
  5. I live across the street from that place. Wood burning oven gives it a good taste.
  6. Seattle is incredibly inconsistent when it comes to pizza joints. My current fave is Veraci Pizza. They have a great clay, wood-fired oven. No anchovies, though. :rolleyes:

    But the best pizza anywhere? No joke... there is a pizzeria on the Piazza di Santa Maria Novella in Florence (Firenze), Italy. I forget the name of the place but it was terrific.
  7. Im out of my element because I live in Wisconsin. But I do know a thing or two about frozen pizzas. Best frozen pizza is called Connies. Its a Chicago company...says on the box that it is the same pizza that wrigley field serves....anyway not sure if you can get it in your area. But I buy it all the time in Wisconsin(Madison)

    I also love Unos pizza...I know its not the BEST and that its a chain but their deep dish Chicago style is good and im sure you can find an Unos in your area.
  8. I'm getting ready to go to NYC....SWMBO and I are going to Lombardi's for lunch. I'll let you guys know when I get back.
  9. If you ever go to Anchorage, AK, make sure to stop by the "Mooses' tooth." People from all over the country go to Alaska with the Mooses' Tooth being one of the big reasons they went.
  10. Sal's Pizzeria, in Bed-Sty, Brooklyn
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    Tra Vigne Pizzeria in the Napa Valley. Ducati Pizza contains house made spicy sausage, sun dried tomatoes, capicola, mushrooms, mozzarella and tomato sauce. This thread is making me hungry.
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    Why has no one mentioned Pizza Hut? :biggrin:
  13. Sally's or Pepe's in Little Italy @ New Haven CT. Of course you'll be eating apizza, not that weird pizza stuff. If you don't want to deal with the crowds and parking, try Modern Apizza up on State St.
  14. That's about the best Dallas has. I don't think Dallas, or Texas for that matter, has any pizza that can rival Chicago and the Northeast.
  15. When you come to Dallas, bring your own. :frown: While there's some passable pizza here to get your fix, there's nothing outstanding (I really hope to be proven wrong).

    [EDIT] Oops, forgot one that I like well enough: Campisi's on Mockingbird Lane near SMU. They have a number of locations, but the original Egyptian Lounge is the best. (I think their pizza is a Ledo's wanna-be, but it's not a bad effort at all.)

    When you are in the DC area there are a couple places to try:

    Ledo's in College Park, MD on University Blvd near UofMD. There are other locations, but none like the original.

    The Brickskeller at 22nd and P Streets (near Embassy Row) in DC. Order the buffalo pizza if they still have it. Beers from everywhere (and they were one of the few places in the 1970s that could make that claim).

    Armand's Chicago Pizzeria on Wisconsin Ave. in NW DC was pretty good back in the day, but I have no idea as to now. They have a lot of locations, but this one I believe was the original (and the best). Best deep dish I ever had, and I lived in Chicago for over three years.
  16. If you ever get the "pleasure" of being in the Baltimore area, don't miss Pizza John's. 113 Back River Neck Rd., Essex, MD. Family owned and operated since 1966. The best pizza around these parts! IMHO
  17. If ever in Jackson, MI Andy's Pizza is a must, always voted #1 in the area.
  18. Now if you're gonna do Brooklyn in the summer time, there's always Spumoni Gardens ... at around 11:00 pm-ish or so on a Friday or Saturday night ... after you drive up the el of course :biggrin:

    "Ant-nee party of twelve. Ant-nee. Where are you? You wanna eat or what?"
  19. Bingo, Pepe's Pizza Rocks.....They best Pie hands down.....

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