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Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by Rich189, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. Everytime I wander through the soap forum to see whats new I always see... this soap is the best for the price (VHD, Palmolive, Arko etc.) or this one is best because of the scent.

    What I'm wondering is what is the best performing soap reguardless of price or scent. Now I know just about any soap can provide a great lather and have experimented with about 7 or 8 so far. But the SWMBO pretty much told me to get whatever I want so I get to pick some stocking stuffers and best of all shes ordering it for me. :thumbup:
  2. Mission Impossible!


    Though I think Da Fat might be a candidate!
  3. Tabac
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  4. Luc

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    One of the best performing soaps that I had:

    MWF, Proraso, Palmolive (Euro with Tallow), Monsavon, Cella

    I will add Tabac even if I really dislike the scent.
  5. as I go through this journey (about 2 years), and I learn how to use my brushes and make better lather..I found MWF, Irisch Moos, and P160 Duro to be about the best performing for me. Close 2nd go to Tabac, Palmolive, Speick
  6. I haven't really tried any super spendy soaps, but of all the ones I have tried itls tough to beat the Wool Fat.
  7. She's ordering? Then this is what I would get. I say this without prejudice or agenda because many I them I have not tried, but the majority of people here seem to love:

    Trumper Coconut
    DR Harris Arlington
    Speick Stick

    For me, Cade, Trumper Coconut, and DR Harris Arlington are incredible. Another one that is just as good, but doesn't get much attention, is Tobacco Soap (not the wet jelly) from Portland General Store. To me it is just as good as anything else I've tried.

    BTW, are you allowed to get creams? If so, Acqua di Parma and Castles Forbes get a lot of love, but the greatest cream or soap, IMHO, is:

    Nancy Boy Signature!!!!
  8. This is totally a YMMV issue. There is no one single best soap hands down. That said, for me I would never be without:

    Martin De Candre
    Valobra Stick
    AOS Sandalwood and Lavender
    P 160 (while my supply lasts)
    La Toja
    Institute Karite
  9. ouch

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    If either of my girls ever offered to buy me a present :)lol: I know, sometimes I kill myself. [​IMG] [​IMG]) I would ask for AoS or C&S, or perhaps that snooty French one.
  10. After a couple of days pretty much every soap available will be mentioned, but for me it's vintage Williams.
  11. Provence Sante Green Tea.....get 2
  12. We all know it's personal preference but my top three in order are:

    AOS Sandlewood

    They are all unique and it's how we work them and how they work for us. My best may not be your best. Enjoy and try some others.
  13. jtb


    For so far it's
    AOS (Sandlewood and Unsented)

    Still waiting to try some others, but I've noticed as my technique gets better I can get a good shave with alot of soaps.
  14. beginish

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    AoS Lavender for me
  15. I know for the most part Its a preferance thing but I figured if you take scent and price out of the matter it narrows down the choices a bit ( I see a few names that keep repeating). I'm looking into more the high end stuff such as C&S #88 and a few other I have not tried yet like MWF. But was hoping to get some odd name high end brands to check them out.

    Thanks for the suggestions so far though keep them coming!
  16. I'll go with the crowd....MWF, Tabac, Cella would be my top three. I will admit though Arko and Harris Lavender are the only other two soaps in my rotation now besides those, and they are great performers also.
  17. TABAC, TABAC & TABAC :shaving: :001_tt1::001_tt2:
  18. Tabac, Plisson, Trumper's Almond
  19. Haslinger, Aos or Volabra
  20. Legion

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    1st- DR Harris Arlington

    2nd- Cade

    523rd- Tabac :tongue_sm

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