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  1. Men, which open comb DE razor is the best for an aggressive shave? I am eyeballing a Merkur 1904/1906 classic.
  2. You are going to get a lot of comments on this one but I'm fond of the Gillette New Improved line, not super aggressive but aggressive enough and well-designed enough to usable for almost any shave. For newer I just got a Joris last week and its a dream razor but a little more expensive.
  3. Aggressive open comb? Muhle R41. Peace of the Lord be with you.
  4. I am limited in my experience, but I can say that if you truly want "aggressive," then the 2011 R41 is about the most aggressive one can buy. More reasonably in the moderate range of aggressiveness is the Gillette "New" which I prefer.
  5. I have a Merkur 1904 and some vintage Gillette open comb razors (long comb New, short comb New, and Old Type). You don't want the 1904 if you're looking for an aggressive razor; it is by far the mildest open comb razor I own.
  6. I'll agree that the 1904 is a really nice OC razor, but if you're looking for aggressive, then for sure its the R41. The R41 used with a really light touch will yield a really great shave. Getting your technique down with the R41 will take some time though.
  7. that model is the mildest OC made so the opposite of what you want.

    R41 which is a tooth comb is the razor that shows the most blade

    The older French Leresche OC razor or Le Coq will come in a very close second followed by the Fatip and Joris OC



    Le Coq

  8. Is the merkur slant considered OC? can anyone comment on the difference in the slant vs a true OC? Thanks in advance
  9. I would classify it and the DE98/parker style head as a modified safety bar razor. Others may disagree
  10. Thanks for the replies, men! I think I will definitely get a Muhle R41 when I am ready!
  11. You would not be able to handle that 41, Bro. Laughing. I am eyeballing a slant. Giggling all giddily.

  12. Turtle, have you tried a floating head Barbasol Razor? Can you compare to the Leresche and LeCoq?

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