Best online shaving stores?

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  1. There are alot of products that people talk about on here that I can't find on WCS and amazon, and those are the only 2 websites I know that sell shaving products. After all, I'm new to this, so any other good, reliable sites to buy from?
  2. What products are you looking for specifically?
  3. What are you looking for?
  4. Mostly creams and soaps.
  5. Definitely use our vendors, don't be afraid of the smaller ones either... they offer really good items, hard to find things too!

    I rather pay a few bucks more from a smaller vendor, because I realize it comes with great customer support and I am helping a smaller business...
  6. So you guys are saying that they're trustworthy enough?
  7. Any vendor associated with B&B is going to be top notch. :thumbup1:
  8. Phil at Bullgoose Shaving is more than trustworthy. I placed yet another order from him last night and not only received a personal thank you email moments later but he had the order shipped within an hour. He is a great guy and runs a tight ship. You wont be disappointed.
  9. If they are on here, absolutely! B&B will not tolerate a vendor being fraudulent!

    Most vendors accept paypal, which can offer protection as well!

    From to WCS, they are all legit and offer great service from what I hear

    if you have any doubts, google search and I can guarantee you will see praise on B&B from them!
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    Vlad just anticipated my answer. Any B&B Supporting Vendor will offer the best wet shaving stuff at the best prices. :applause:
  11. Alright, thanks guys.
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  12. In addition to West Coast, the ones I have used and can recommend without reservation are BullGoose, Vintage Blades, Superior Shave, The Italian Barber, Lee's Razors, Shave-a-Buck, Straight Razor Designs (they have more than straights), Royal Shave and Razor Blades & More. There are others that sell a specific product or service. For example if you like Feather Blades you contact BB member Dridiot. I almost never use Amazon as the specialty vendors I've listed generally have a more interesting selection and provide invaluable advice. There is a Wiki with B&B sponsoring vendors but it seems to be under repair at the moment. Also if you want to buy a Muhle Razor it seems that vendors in the UK have much lower prices which I suspect has to do with distribution agreements. Apologies in advance to those I forgot. Most also have free shipping when you reach a specific dollar amount which is a delightful way to feed whatever ADs you acquire.
  13. Connaught shaving and royal shaving, royal has a b&b 10-% off coupon for members. ;)
  14. for razor blades, and good inexpensive turkish soaps and creams, .......

    .......... but the delivery time will be a longer than a vendor located in the States.........
  15. Shame that you can't find what you're looking for at wcs, they have great prices and their shipping isn't steep like some other vendors. But like others have said if you buy from a b&b supported vendor you won't be dissappointed.
  16. Connaught Shaving (UK) or The Italian Barber (Canada). WCS is decent but their prices can frequently be beaten. Italian Barber has a low $60 threshold to get free shipping.

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