Best Multi-Blade Razor?

Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by Eric W. Ford, Jul 26, 2009.

Best Multi-Blade Razor?

  1. Sensor

  2. Atra

  3. Trac II

  4. Sensor 3

  5. Mach 3

  6. Fusion

  7. Quattro

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  1. What is the best Multi-Blade Razor?

    Lets here your thoughts.

    Trac II
    Sensor 3
    Mach 3
  2. I've only used Fusion, so I couldn't make an educated vote... doesn't stop me from doing so though...
  3. Fusion Electric, its what I use as backup and when I travel.
  4. In my opinion, anything more than two blades is severe overkill. It provides no benefit, and usually leads to additional irritation.

    That being said, I have gotten near equal results with the Sensor Excel, Atra, and Trac II.

    I would rank the Sensor a slight notch above the other two. I think the spring loaded blades adds something to shave quality. In terms of price though, it is the only one that doesn't have low cost high quality generic cartridges. You would therefore need to buy the Gillette branded cartridges.

    If you are ok with the higher cost, the Sensor is the best of the three, if not the Atra, or Trac II, both have the high quality, low cost Personna branded cartridges available.

    Since the Trac II does not pivot, it is closest to the shave you would receive with a DE.

    Personna markets the "BumpFighter" razor to African American men who suffer from ingrown hairs. It can use Trac II carts. Thus you can get a good Trac II handle with a decent bit of heft (since it's all metal) for less than $5.00.
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  5. A Seven Day Set of straight razors.:tongue_sm
    Won't go back to multiblade in my lifetime. Anything more than ONE is overkill.
  6. I was looking for an option to vote "none".
  7. How is that even an option. No opinion would be better. I get it that a lot on here hate multiblade cartridge razors. It's kind of ironic in some ways when you consider all the love vintage Gillettes get. :rolleyes:

    Anyway, my vote is for the Sensor. I can't speak for any other razor other than the Mach3, but I think the Sensor is a pretty decent razor.
  8. Hmm...I guess you aren't interested in the variants among the specific types - e.g., Sensor Excel, Mach3 Turbo, etc. I can understand why not, but my choice is a Sensor Excel, which, IMO, is considerably different, and better, than the regular Sensor or the Sensor3. Absent that choice, I voted for the Sensor by default.
  9. Precisely what I did, and for exactly the same reason.
  10. Gillette Good News, preferably the pivot variety.
  11. King Of Shaves Azor

  12. I've never tried the fusion, atra, or tracII. That being said...

    They all have their ups and downs. I got slightly... and I mean slightly... "better" shave with a sensor Excel. IT would also clog up with my beard the worst of any the ones I've tried. Next would be the M3. The powered version is a joke. it does nothing. I actually preferred it without the vibrating gimmick, or just kept it turned off. It was least likely to jam up with my whiskers. Quattro... I must not have liked it since I only tried one cartridge and went back to the m3 (cheapest to replace out of the ones I've tried, blade wise. At least here where I am locally.)

    I would have to really bare down on the razor head. Mach3 being the most pressure. I'd actually put my index finger behind the head(cartridge in this design) and push down as I shaved. If I wouldn't, it would literally bounce off my beard.

    Not saying everyones results are the same as mine. I just know my own skin/beard type. Course, and dense. I am also prone to razor burn, bumps, and ingrown hairs like other ethnic people around the world.

    So no, my love for Gillette's DE's, or Murker's DE's are not misplaced. For ME, its the only choice I have. Unless I switch to straights. Maybe someday I will.

    I get baby smooth skin now when I shave. No redness, no irritation, no nicks, no bumps, no razor burn, NO INGROWN hairs. Thank you very much. I'll keep doing what I am doing.

    No offense to anyone that enjoys cartridge razors. I understand the above person was just defending their point of view. I am just stating my personal experience. As always, YMMV
  13. Well my requirements are unique, as I prefer that my multi blade razors be able to pivot. I figure since all of my single blade razors have fixed heads, if I want a cartridge I want it to be able to pivot. The pivot feature makes it really easy to shave in a hurry. I'm not sure how to classify a straight, I guess that pivots, although on a different axis :lol:.

    In light of that I voted M3 and Atra. I have only used an M3, a Sensor Excel, and a Fusion (but only on my arm). The Fusion was really smooth, but obnoxiously expensive, and the head is too big for under the nose IMO. The Sensor Excelt felt like it gave a rougher shave than a M3, although that could be thanks to the fixed head and my (at the time), poor technique. The fixed head still keeps it out of the running for me though.

    Ultimately it comes down to M3, with a preference for the M3 Turbo carts (I swear they have better blades :001_rolle). The Atra gets an honorable mention as I have plans to try one at some point.
  14. I am confused, the Sensor does pivot, quite a bit actually. The head certainly isn't "fixed". :confused::confused:

    Did you intend to say Trac II instead? Out of the choices listed, the Trac II is the only one that doesn't pivot.
  15. Well, that answers one question that's been gnawing away at me - what would Eminem shave with?
  16. I voted for the Sensor since it's the only razor listed that I've used. I will be trying out the Atra, hopefully this coming week, so my choice may change.
  17. Looks less like a razor and more like a tuning fork or dowsing rod. :lol:
  18. I checked it out on the KOS website. Evidently it's a Quattro clone of sorts, but with a bendy handle.
  19. Well that explains a lot doesn't it?

    I guess my memory is broken. I still didn't like it okay :lol:.

  20. So, which was it you didn't like? The Sensor or the Trac II? :smile:

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