Best Injector Blades?

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  1. I bought an injector on e bay and loaded it with store brand injector blades from rite aid.

    The shave, in comparison to my standard shave of Merkur HD with Astra Superior blade, felt sharper and closer, a tad rougher but with less red bumps.

    I know there are injector blades by schick and personna. I also know people try cutting down feather pro guard blades and using them. I tried that and couldn't get it to work.

    So those of you who use injectors, what are your favorite blades to load it with? This gave me a REALLY close shave, need more mileage to determine if better than the HD...
  2. I think it's a big question mark.

    Chances are the Rite Aid blades you tried are made by ASR (Personna). There's a prevailing opinion that the blades sold by Ted Pella and EMS are made by them, too, and this makes sense. The tooling has to be expensive for a specific format like that.

    Where does one get Schick branded blades?

    - Chris

    P.S. - Just finished shave #6 on an EMS injector blade and it still feels fine!
  3. I've been wondering about this, myself.
  4. Some of my local grocery stores sell Schick brand injector blades and store brand (ASR) as well.
  5. I believe the only options for injector blades nowadays are the Schick and ASR blades. Personally, I haven't tried the Schicks yet, but the ASRs work really work for me.
  6. When I had mine, I didn't know enough about how to use it. I was too fresh from cartridges. The Schicks tore me up, but if I still had it, I'm now sure I was just using too much pressure.

    I don't know the dimensions of a shaving injector blade, but I have seen scientific blades for vibrating microtomes that are injected in a similar manner. They could be the same or the blade size could be different.
  7. They are the same. The EMS we refer to stands for Electron Microscopy Sciences. The blades are listed in the "Specimen Preparation and Embedding Supplies" section.

    - Chris
  8. Whoops. Apparently I passed over your first post in this thread. Yeah, what he said! :biggrin:
  9. Have you used these for shaving?
  10. Yes. Excellent shaves for six days running now on the same blade.
  11. Looks like they are cheaper than the Schick blades. I haven't tried those either.
  12. You can get them for $10.95/20 blade cartridge from this guy on eBay.

    I bought three cartridges directly from EMS and their cheapest shipping was $7.00.
  13. The EMS blades are very good for shaving and I was able to get 40 blades for less than $12.00 delivered. You can choose the delivery cost at checkout.
  14. Rudy Vey

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    I picked up two packs Friday in my local Walgreen - on sale for $1.69 each!!
    Too bad they had only two packs left of these. They are made in China, though not Germany as the link listed says. But they are excellent blades. I had bought a beautiful adjustable M-Type Schick, but the blades I found gave a horrible shave (these were the ones from Rite Aide) and I sold this razor, stupid me. Last Sunday I picked up an old Schick E2 for $1 at a flea market, and with these blades I found it performed excellently!!
    So, check out the Walgreen stores if you can find any, the sign said they will discontinue them....:frown:
  15. Not surprising. :frown:

    In these tough economic times many a store is looking at cutting back their product line, and no longer stocking items that don't move as fast as others. I would think in any given area, the number of Injector shavers is likely far less than those who use a DE.

    They don't want to stock a product that they sell 1-2 of every month of so.
  16. These are the blades I use. Chinese made, Schick branded blades. They are really good blades and you can easily get 5 or 6 shaves out of them, maybe even more.

    I've never tried the scientific ones mentioned. It's hard to imagine they could be better than these Schick-branded blades from China.

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