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  1. I've tried the Chicks and the EMS blades...both are OK... I like Schick Injector razors, but these blades don't impress. What should I be looking for?
  2. That's it on a retail level, the blades sold by EMS are made by Personna and they are the only other company that produced injector blades. I like the Chinese Schicks a lot, much better than the Personna blades. In my not so humble opinion the best injector blade ever made is the long out of production Personna 74, they show up in the BST sometimes and on the bay, but they are usually very expensive. There are also several vintage Schick, Personna and Gillette injector blades available on the bay and the BST.
  3. That's all I need to know...thanks HT ; )
  4. The biggest problem with the Personnas is the crappy plastic injector housing.
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    I had a Schick adjustable in boot camp many years ago,I'm just starting to get back into them.So far the Chinese Schicks work well for me.I may try those Personnas at shoebox. Plastic? well that could be a deal breaker for me the Chinese Schicks are metal.
  6. I was really hoping that there would be a few more options out there. The Chinese Schick's are ok, but they sure are mild in a mild handle.
  7. Wasn't there a message thread about having to hand-load empty dispensers because the bulk blades are sold for medical hardware that differs from an Injector razor's mechanism?

    Incidentally, I got tired of "just missing" countless Schick "I" model razors, and bought one as a Buy it Now, for which I paid close to twenty times its original cost (about a dollar, I think). I've been using a G8 from time to time, but it is older than what I'd actually used back in the dawn of my personal beard history.
  8. The blades from EMS or Ted Pella come in the standard injector dispenser with the "key" so, no, you don't have to do any hand loading. Personna makes some for a hair trimmer that come in a dispenser without a key that would have to be transferred into the proper dispenser, maybe that's what you're thinking of.

  9. Your only other option is to try and get vintage Schick blades on the Bay.
  10. While I enjoy my SE's, I have not used them as much lately because of my disappointment with the quality and availability of the injector blades. Lately I have used the Schick injectors (yellow package) and get about one perhaps two fair shaves from them. Perhaps that is typical today but I seem to remember getting better results in the past. Where is the best place to purchase good SE blades?


  11. I'm currently using Schick Plus Platinum in my PAL injector. $schick+plat.jpg

    (I got the blades off eBay in a huge quantity - which I sold half and recouped almost all my original cost!)
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  12. Those would prolly work best for me, since the Platinum DE blades do it for me. I'll have to keep my eyes open for some ; ) thanks
  13. Those NOS Schick Plus Platinum blades are totally awesome, second only to the magnificent NOS Personna 74 blades Tom mentioned earlier.
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    Tom's got it, the present Personnas are good, "Chinks" are pretty good, NOS Schick Plus Plats are a bit better, nirvana are the 74's.
  15. Another really nice blade that seems to slip under the radar are the Schick Chromium. Every bit as good as the Plus Platinum, but with a different coating.

  16. I have one dispenser of these that came with a short handle injector that I have. They are great, but I only have maybe 2-3 blades left and try to to hold off on using them : (

  17. Just looked over at the "bay" and one beauty supply seller has - looks like Personna - 20 injector blades for $10.99 delivered buy-it-now auction:

    ... yeah, plastic housing. Seller states Not vintage ... in stock.

    I though somebody might have an injector they've been wanting to try and here's your chance.

    I 'm using a PAL injector I bought new about 6 months ago (off auction) ... anybody else using a PAL injector?
  18. Those blades on the bay look like the EMS/Personna brand mentioned above. IMHO the harshest of the three, Schick/Chick/EMS I've tried.
  19. The problem with the plastic dispenser isn't that it doesn't fit, it's that after a few blades have been ejected the mechanism doesn't catch enough to physically push the blade into the razor.

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