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Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by EPfarnie, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. As I've only looked at it, and not held it, I'd go for their identification. I HAVE a Weishi 9306CEL, but I haven't put it side by side with the VDH.
  2. I would get him you favorite Merkur.

    I would suggest a Merkur 34c HD
  3. RSC


    I'm quite satisfied with my Feather Popular.
  4. I bought a bunch of Rimei razors for peanuts on Fasttech and gifted one to a friend 2 years ago. He has still not upgraded and uses it every day. I think he's mad, because Edwin Jagger and Mercur both have vastly better razors, albeit for significantly more, and he's fairly wealthy.
    In my view the 34c is the best newbie razor that i've come across, but not the cheapest.
  5. I couldn't get along with the Feather Popular in spite of liking mild butterfly razors. That thing was just way too mild for me and it's plastic construction reminded me of cartridge razors. Having said that, there's a lot of love for it around here.
  6. Maybe that's why he's wealthy. He isn't succumbing to RAD.
  7. Yeah, sorry about that.. I was very tired/and not paying enough attention when I posted .. and then (embarrassingly) when I noticed my mistake it was too late.

    there doesn't appear to be a huge range of cheaper razors in Aus (although many are available from international suppliers). Most AUS based stores seem to be specialist shaving supplies stores selling Merkur, EJ and Muhle rather than the cheaper variants .... and those that do stock others (ie Lord L6 are selling them at much higher prices than are available internationally - $AU23-32 for Lord L6). Compared to these seemingly inflated local prices the costs of international shipping aren't too bad.

    Cheers and thanks for your suggestions... they gave me a good starting point to looking at the different options available. Thos razors are available as direct import from the auction site as you have suggested. Thanks again.
  8. Cheers. I've heard good things about the L6 ..... and managed to find some for around $15 (including delivery to Australia). Definitely within budget. So I've ordered a couple (I might even try one for myself).
  9. Parker 96R (20$) or Feather Popular (15$)
  10. Thanks for your suggestion BSA Guy. The Weishi's are readily available but I'm afraid I seem to have a personal bias (for no particular reason I must admit) against TTO's.
  11. Thanks for your suggestions guys. Unfortunately the Van der Hagen and RazorRock razors seem to be quite expensive to get in Australia $Au28-45 for the razor + $25-30 postage.
  12. Thanks Bookie - A 3 piece razor such as a tech style was definitely what I was after, my definition perhaps was as clear as it should've been .. by "modern" I actually meant new/unused and readily available. Cheers.
  13. I agree and was going to follow your suggestion but discovered that the price of Merkurs from Australian based suppliers seems to have gone up since I bought mine around 18 months ago. instead of $35, they're now retailing at around $45-50. I'm hoping the Lord L6 (with the Merkur style head) will offer a good introductory DE shaving experience at a lower price (not withstanding the lower quality) in case my friend decides not to use it.
  14. Thanks for your suggestions guys. Unfortunately the RazoRocks don't seem to be readily available in Aus and postage puts them over budget.
  15. I was thinking abour EJ or Muhle style. But RiMei has a problem uneven blade exposure so he will have to adjust it, it's 3 seconds job.
  16. Cheers. I managed to pick up some L6's for around $15 delivered. As they will be part of a gift set I was looking for a new/unused razor more than secondhand. If they only last a few years that will give the user a good opportunity to work out if they like shaving with a DE and upgrade to a higher quality razor later.
  17. Cheers Badger. Thanks for your suggestions... I was going to avoid TTO's in favour of 3 piece if possible (just personal preference). I agree with the EJ89 being a nice gift (I love mine, it's my daily shaver), they are quite expensive in Aus though (-around $50) so I was hoping to find something a bit cheaper in case my friend doesn't end up using it so much. I managed to find some Lord L6 for a good price which I have read good things about.
  18. Cheers, I managed to pick up some Lord L6's for a good price which I believe have a Merkur style head on them.
  19. Cheers. Thanks for your suggestion.
  20. Thanks guys. I was looking to avoid TTO's (just personal preference... and the VDH cost a huge amount to get to Aus). The Baili/RazoRock Tech II look like good options. The RazoRock doesn't seem to be available in Aus but I can get the Baili Tech style for around $20. The other options I found were the Lord L122/L5 as a tech style or L6 (Merkur style head)... I ended up buying a couple of the L6's which I can get delivered for around $15 each. Cheers.

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