Best brandy/congac snifters?

Discussion in 'The Speakeasy' started by letterk, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. letterk

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    I know there are better options for brandy/cognac, but I'd like to have a few snifters around. What are your favorites?
  2. I'm partial to the Riedel Vinum cognac glasses. I wouldn't call these "the best" but they are quite nice for the money.
  3. I am very fond of the Waterford 12 oz. snifter. It is the right size for enjoying VSOP or a fine dram of scotch. I have used them for fine bourbons as well.

    I like the weight and balance of them and the sparkle of fine crystal adds to the presentation of a fine drink. They have a nice feel in the hand and enhance the enjoyment of the experience. I have larger ones from another maker but they do not get much use.

  4. letterk

    letterk Moderator Emeritus

    That's one of the better options that I knew of, but I'm looking for snifters. Not quite the same.
  5. Yes, I know and I apologize for that but the problem is that many snifters are slowly being phased out by some manufacturers. A collective of professional cognac and brandy snobs... umm.. I mean experts, have decreed last year that the ideal shape for drinking cognac is a stemmed, tulip shaped glass and not the traditional snifter. :bored:
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  6. So I gotta ask you guys this....does the Waterford or Riedel really make a difference? I actually use the snifters I got a IKEA most of the time. I can't tell a difference beyond the aesthetic. I once went to Riedel sponsored tasting of wine where they tried to convince you that their glasses made wine taste better. I was the only one who thought it was crap. Either I don't have the nose or palate to discern the difference or I'm just not as open to the power of suggestion.

  7. Point taken. If my growing interest in brandies continues on a path similar to my overwhelming infatuation with whiskey then I'll probably break down and get some nicer snifters.
  8. To be completely truthful, it really doesn't seem to make a difference to me with regards to taste. It's more of a consideration of aesthetics and an emotional appeal. I wouldn't drink a $200 bottle of wine out of a plastic cup but the taste difference between blown glass, 40% lead crystal glass or other types of glass isn't readibly discernable to me. However, if you are going to enjoy quality drinks, why not have them in quality drinkware? The power of suggestion is surprisingly potent at times. However, the shape of the glass can assist a person to enjoy the aroma, show the viscosity and demonstate other important qualities, which are significant considerations to the libations connoisseur.
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  9. letterk

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    Right, got it. I already have a couple glasses that fit this style. I just think snifters look cool and wanted some for a less pretentious setting. I often get labeled the "snob" when I bring out the Glencairns for whiskey with friends. Snifters for brandy/cognac get less attention.
  10. I prefer the traditional snifter as well. Remember, you're not a snob, you're a connoisseur!
  11. Luc

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    I have the big Brandy snifter that contains around 500ml. They are great but I'm always going back to my B&B Glencairn glass...
  12. Nothing wrong with those glasses. :thumbup1:
  13. Don't worry about that. You just need have some of us over to share your fine drinks. We won't judge you.:biggrin1:
  14. letterk

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    I was actually looking at those.
  15. Yes it does matter. Brandy tastes different when heated. A good glass heats the liquor and softens its bite. The flavor is incomparable and very different from cold brandy.
  16. The main difference between glasses is in how much airflow there is, and how close your nose gets to the rest of the glass.

    Take any middle-of-the-road scotch or whiskey and pour some into a 1.5oz shot glass and some into a snifter. Try a few slow sips out of one glass, then try a few from the other one.

    If you can't tell any difference... err, well, I guess you don't need to buy any fancy glasses.
  17. I use Waterford Colleen Small Brandy Snifters. Sorry but the only good pictures I can find are from live auctions. So you'd have to put that description into google and find a picture for yourself. This pattern also comes in the larger "balloon" shape, but I really like the smaller size. Still works as a snifter, easier to hold and drink from, a little more modern in size and shape while still having traditional lines. On top of all that the Colleen pattern looks great and feels really good in the hand.

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