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  1. Because of my neck I can only shave once every four or five days, by then the rest of my face is a full grown forest. I have a sampler pack and have been through most of them but the pack I bought seems to be all the low end blades. Derby, 7 a.m etc. I have tried to shave twice with the same blade but found I need a fresh new blade everytime. Which is no problem for me as I had to do the same with M3 cartridges.$$$$

    So, what would be your blade of choice to mow down a forest while still providing a smooth shave?
  2. I can personally say that Personna Lab Blues do a great job on my 3-4 day growth.
  3. I would go with Gillette 7 o'clock either Blue or Black. Sharp and smooth. The Yellows are good but it sounds like your skin may be too easily irritated for the Yellows. The Blues and Blacks are excellent.
  4. right on.. I second the rec for Personna Lab's.. very nice. If I were you I'd check the Yellows out too since they cut like lazers.. just use zero pressure or your face will be melty looking like plastic due to burn(but smooth). I had trouble getting the blacks to last me but they're very smooth and sharp.. unfortunately haven't tried the 7oclock blues.
  5. Might I suggest investing in a slant razor? They excel at, er, old growth forest.
  6. You sound like the perfect candidate for a singe edge razor.
  7. Maybe the much-heralded open-comb single-edge red-tipped adjustable slant?
  8. Isn't that the one that comes with a free lifetime supply of witch hazel, alum and styptic pencils?

  9. I think it's more the shaver then the blade. When you find a razor/blade combo that works it should be good for one days growth or one weeks growth. I do usually reach for the slant on those occasions but today I had 6 days growth and I did one pass with a gem bullet tip and I was DFS. I happen to have coarse and curly facial hair.
  10. +1 on the slant.
  11. Added to wish list. Thanks.

    Just spit it out and say I need a cut throat. lol

    What do you think of the greens?

    Where would one find such a beast?

    Thanks for all the tips guys. Looks like I need to buy more stuff. lol
  12. [​IMG]

    HT is on the right track. Here's what I accomplished on several day's worth of growth with Gem 1912 + stainless Gem blade. First pass, no touch ups in the after pic (as you can see I had trouble getting the under-chin, but this was my first ever shave with a SE razor)

    It did however clog and need to be freed of hair half way through.
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  13. Whenever I have a shrubbery that needs clearing (and I've been through phases where I've only shaved around once a month), I use an open comb DE, and one of my regular blades - Feather, 7 o'clock yellow, Astra SP, Personna Med Prep.

    (I can't comment on an SE as I've never tried one - but the more I read about them, the more I feel I'll end up with one before 2012 draws to a close :001_smile)
  14. Open comb and a Gillette 7 O'clock Yellow. Gillette New Long Comb is what I have. That should get through a few days growth quickly, and I find the 7 O'clock Yellow to be much sharper and tougher on stubble than the Lab Blue.
  15. Hmmmmm. For blade, I'd suggest a Bolzano or Souplex.

    I can't help but wonder what's going so wrong on your neck, though. Shaving only once every 4-5 days makes me curious about prep and lather. Are you using brush-built lather?

    I don't have very curly facial hair, though, and I do know that folks who do make a complaint similar to yours... that they need to rest their face & neck for at least a few days owing to ingrowns or bumps.

    If I was to make a suggestion for an alternate razor, I'd echo the suggestion for an open-comb. If you can find a Fasan open-comb slant (many in bakelite or plastic, but there are metal ones), that might be a good option. Short of that, I suggest a long-comb New or maybe something with an old-type head. The old type is excellent for big growth, but it does require attention to technique. That's why I suggest the long-comb New -- it can present a very intuitive, mild shave, and yet do a great job at mowing down the forest.

    I hope it helps,
    -- Chet
  16. Here is my prep. Shower, then soak the beard in a shea butter/ macadamia nut balm, rinse, get out of shower and apply pre shave oil then I work up my lather and shave followed by alum bloc, DaVinci water, then an AS balm. My face is wet from shower to shave.
    The problem I have is on both sides of my neck the hair grows in the same pattern as a tropical storm. So no matter what direction I shave in its essentially XTG. The eye of the storm is the worst. Then I need 4 or 5 days before all the bumps and ingrown hairs come out. Once they are out I can shave again. Totally sucks.

    I am thinking of trying a straight razor to see if that helps. Maybe I'll try a slant first. The never ending search continues.
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  17. No, I suggested a single edge; the kind made by Gem, Star, Ever-Ready or an injector made by Schick, Personna or PAL.
  18. But I really wanted you to suggest a cut throat.....:001_smile Some of them are absolutely beautiful works of art, I just need someone to ever so slightly twist my arm to get me to try them. lol
  19. I recommend the Personna Lab of Medical. My skin is too sensitive and needs a 4 or 5 day rest, too. Both of these blades work great for me. I can't tell there's a difference. The shave is great no matter how thick. I use a Merkur razor which doesn't get clogged with gobs of hair. Good luck!
  20. They were going to include a lifetime's worth of lilac vegetal as well, but since a week of the Veg will kill anyone they decided not to bother.

    Oh, and: Personna med prep or lab blades.

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