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  1. Sometimes there are treasures to be found when travelling to the Far East.

    Check this baby out.

    The craftsman who forged this razor was not only obviously skilled, but humble as well. This razor bears none of the usual stamps proclaiming who made it. No, this artisan toiled in anonymity in the shadow of Mount Asiago in the Japanese Alps for the sake of his craft alone.

    Legend has it that he would hone his razors directly in the stream flowing down the side of Mount Asiago. He would stomp around for a while, and then sit down in the stream and hone directly on one of the flat rocks worn smooth by the passage of eons. The sediment raised by his stomping acted effectively as a slurry, the abrasives washed down from the hone quarries higher up the mountain through which this very stream passed. As he honed, the stream would slowly return to it’s former clarity, producing an exquisite dilution refinement of the razor’s edge. But the razor was not quite ready yet.

    The Master would then whip off his belt, that had many times been steeped in that nagura-like sediment rich stream, and proceed to strop the living daylights out of the razor on this ersatz pasted strop.

    The sound of one hand clapping was louder than his HHT….

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  2. Wow. You dremeling fu is quite strong.

  3. Whatever do you mean?

    I purchased this razor on my last trip to Japan earlier this year, from a man well advanced in years.

    I had to bargain with him for quite some time. As we were haggling, he related the details of the razor's history as shared above. He highlighted to me the hand wrapped bamboo handle, etc, etc....

    He was asking an outrageous 100,000 yen for this last example of the Nameless Master's work.

    I was able to talk him down, and got the razor for a single golden dollar.:thumbup:
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  4. You haggled down from $1250 to $1?
  5. Yes, grasshopper. That's some serious haggling. Notice, the dollar was golden. You must too learn the power of the single golden dollar.
  6. I'm not sure if you mean a dollar made out of real gold or one of the new "gold" presidential dollars that are not real gold.
  7. So a straight that can be purchased for less than $15?
  8. THE straight razor.
  9. Kentos

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    I don't believe it was honed on a rock. Maybe rice paper impregnated with nagura dust, but not a rock.

    He is innovative to say the least. :)
  10. Ambiguity much?
  11. Mighty thin air on Mount Asiago in the Japanese Alps!
    That or someone is using the ancient art of bullpoo fu. :lol::lol::lol:

    I give you two dollar for it, double your money!
  12. I actually was going to use that exact concept in my story, but preferred the ambiance of the mountain stream.
  13. Krodor

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    Seraphim is a prime example of one of the site's many resident Gold Dollar transmogrifiers. Buy them for ~4 bucks each, modify a zillion ways to Sunday, and they become one-of-a-kind razors that hold their own against the TI's and Puma's of the world.. Quite fun to do!
  14. professorchaos

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    Ha! Dremel-Fu. Classic.
  15. Now the story is making a lot more sense...
  16. I'm still trying to figure out why he doesn't have a permanent custom title...
  17. Chop Stick Shaver
  18. It's good, but it really doesn't capture Craig's entire essence as the Grand Master of the Gold Dollar.
  19. Truly awesome! Your skills make me wish I had a skill copy machine.

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