Before, During or After Shower?

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Before, During or After Shower. When do you shave?

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  2. During Shower

  3. After Shower

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  1. Simple enough question.

    When do you shave? Before your shower, during your shower or after your shower?

    Forgot to mention...I prefer DURING. Skin is perfectly set for a great shave and everything rinses off clean.
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  2. After
  3. I've always shaved after a shower (with a DE).

    However, I don't always shave immediately afterwards, sometimes I'll shower when I get in from work then shave later in the evening.
  4. I'm a bit intrigued by the "other" option -- does there exist a time that is not before, during, or after a shower? :laugh:

    Maybe if you simply never showered. :lol:
  5. Lately it's been during. I started doing it some mornings to save time if I didn't wake up early enough. Now I can't stop! It's just so warm in there.
  6. I prefer to shave after a shower. Naturally, the hot water preps my face and beard sufficiently to be shaved within a few minutes of exiting the shower. On the seldom occasion when I feel compelled to shave without a shower, I have found it takes me about 3-5 minutes to properly prep with a hot towel or splash(es) of hot water and soak my brush. In that amount of time I may as well have hopped in the shower anyway.
  7. I shower in the evening, like to be clean before I go to bed. I shave in the morning, giving me maximum smoothness through daylight hours.
  8. Opposite for me. I shave in the evening so I can take my time. I shower in the morning before work.
  9. I've been shaving right after my shower for almost two years now. That was one of the best pieces of wetshaving advice I've gotten on the Internet. If I don't have time for a shower, then I get my face as wet as possible, but it's not the same.

    Most of my life I shaved just before a shower, because a shower seemed like the best way to get all the shaving cream residue off my face. I didn't realize how a shower could help as prep for the shave.

    I tried shaving in the shower once or twice, just to see how it would be. Too complicated for me, and makes me run the shower longer than I would otherwise.
  10. I've found that showering before I shave tends to dry my skin out too much. I prefer to shave before showering. SOMETIMES I shave (face and head) during a shower. But not often as I like to use a mirror when shaving my face.
  11. I think that means "instead of showering"...:laugh:

    As for me, it's definitely after, not instead!
  12. Before since after the shower my skin doesn't tolerate a shave that well.
  13. After
  14. Always after. Even before using a DE.
  15. I soak my brush and bowl before I step into the shower, then shave within 30 minutes of getting out of the shower. My skin seems to enjoy the shave while it is still 'pliable' post shower. That, and if I wait any longer than that, I have to scoot off to work anyway.
  16. shave every other night after my showering
  17. I always shave immediately after showering. I find that it softens my beard and help prep my skin. When I get out of the shower my brush that has been soaking in my RB scuttle is ready and waiting. I will occasionally use Musgo Real Glyce Limes soap as part of the prep.

    Enjoy your shaves,

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    AFTER... and usually before bed, every other night
  19. Ditto this...
  20. Shave in the am, shower in the pm

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