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    Have not been over there for awhile, maybe it is always having a decent sale, but right now is having a pretty good sale on some interesting stuff, including a bunch of Creeds. Lots of testers.

    I think I have bought from it. My impression is that it is reliable, but I cannot fully vouch for them.

    Unfortunately awkward website to navigate. I would also be careful about its prices. Sale or not, they will not necessarily be the best prices out there.

    For instance, it is amazing to me that they have the discontinued Dunhill 1934 (unless I have missed Dunhill doing the smart thing and bringing it back!). But at least one used to be able to find it for less than BE is charging on sale.

    Anyway thought folks might like to know, and thought it better posted here than on the deals forum.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I have purchased from them and they are a reliable company.
  3. I have purchased from them several times; good, reliable company. Unfortunately they changed their website a month or two ago, and now it does not seem as easy for me to use. While before you could go to the list of houses at the top like most fragrance sites, now you have to go to the sidebar and scroll down a bit. But still a good company with very good prices and excellent shipping!

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