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Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by TonyBrown, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. ok, last night I tried Mama Bear Bay Rum soap, LOVED it, very nice scent pleasant post-shave aromas. it has intrigued me to look into a Bay Rum splash and I have absolutely ZERO idea where to start. can the 3BT (B&B Brain Trust) help a brotha out???
  2. Order some Captains Choice!WCS has it.
  3. Catain's Choice
    DR Harris

    All 3 great bay rums that I have and use regularly. Captain's Choice was developed in large part from feedback provided by members of this forum. As others wi post, there is no shortage of great bay runs out there
  4. ok, well, I guess the question becomes this. if you had to pick one to start with, which would you buy?? budget is a bit tight right now so having 3-4 on hand isn't much of an option.
  5. Ogallala is a nice scent. It's cheap. It's got more witch hazel than alcohol so my face likes it too.
  6. This thread will give you many options. I 've only tried Dominica and Captain's Choice-love 'em both, I see no need to try any other for now, as those 2 bottles will last me quite awhile. Also just in general I highly recommend checking out Garry's samples-looks like he has some Bay Rum options right now. GREAT way to Sample aftershave and other products, without committing to full size bottles. His sample offering's rotate on a fairly regular basis.
  7. See if the Walgreens in your area have Superior 70. It's around $2.50 for a 12 oz. bottle.

    If you have a Sally's nearby, they have Master's Bay Rum for around $8 for a 15 oz. bottle. Has a nice mellow vanilla-y smell.
  8. Littlemax

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    Pinaud Virgin Island Bay Rum - Master Bay Rum -
  9. there's a Sally's nearby, sounds like masters is a good intro splash, thx guys, i'll give it a rip and see how I like it, then move on to some others like ogalalla or capts choice (which seem to be pretty well reviewed around here as well)

    thx guys!!
  10. the_edski

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    +1 to Masters. Cheap, easy to get and contains glycerin so it smells AND feels good!

  11. I think Master's smell nice. Probably'll pick up a bottle soon, though I'm still going through my 2 bottles of Ogallala, which I (basically) received free. Not bad, but it seems clove heavy. Could that it is the cologne, not the aftershave.
  12. I love the Ogallala bay rum, and recommend the sampler pack for those new to bay rum. I am also looking forward to trying out Captain's Choice the next time I need to make a purchase from one of our fine vendors.

  13. The Dominica bay rums are my go-to aftershave; both the original and lime are excellent. Ogalalla gave me face burn from (I assume) the high clove content, but you know how everyone's face is different, YMMV etc.

    Good luck!
  14. oh, i see Captains Choice has sample vials!!! yeah!! gonna get one of those and give it a try.
  15. I've got a Sally's near my house where I pick up my Master Bay Rum. I really like the scent and performance of the Master's product. I don't need to head over there too often since it comes in 15oz bottles!!!
  16. I did this, and it made a believer out of me. He usually throws a handwritten note in with purchases as well, which damn, that's just a nice touch.
  17. These are my go-tos. Stephan Bay Rum rocks, too; mild, refreshing and great-smelling.
  18. Where are you folks finding or ordering sample packs? I would love to try a selection before i buy big!

    well, of course that's for CC's version, not sure about others.
  20. Can someone tell me if there is a bay rum balm? Splashes don't work for me well with my sensitive skin.

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