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Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by boboakalfb, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. boboakalfb

    boboakalfb Moderator Emeritus

    Now I know that alot of people out there enjoy this scent but I don't see many people talking about Bay Rum Shave Soaps. I have Conks Bay Rum and enjoy the scent very much....however I have a reaction which turns my face red for hours after shaving.

    I know that Charles and Sues' offer soaps in this scent but which do you guys prefer? QED...SCS...Mama B...?

    What are your guys takes on these soaps? I would really like a Bay Rum in my rotation but don't care for the day of Red Face of the Conks...

  2. Kyle

    Kyle Moderator Emeritus Contributor

    QED's, Saint Charles Shave's, and Mama Bear's soaps are all high quality and very competitively priced. If you had to choose only one, I don't think any of the three would be a wrong decision. You could, however, easily purchase all three without breaking the bank.
  3. boboakalfb

    boboakalfb Moderator Emeritus

    Agreed...I have 5 soaps from QED but no experience with the Sues...I am probably going to be placing an order from all three pretty soon which is why I was wondering what peoples experiences were with them.
    I know people comment that the shaves are all excellent, but the Bay Rum scent doesn't come up much with regards to shave soaps.

    The B&B Scent from SCS does sound intrigueing as well...that sounds like a great combination...
  4. This is interesting! I just got back from talking with Rik who had 2 different Bay Rum scents with him... Mine is completely different. Rik prefers his and I hated it :blushing: and I preferred mine and he hated :blush: It would be interesting to see what someone had to say who tried all three!!

    Thank God for lots of different scents... it seems like there is one for every day tho!

    Bear Hugs!
  5. Rik

    Rik Moderator Emeritus

    LOL!!! I didn't say I hated it. :biggrin: I've simply grown accustomed to the the Dominica Bay Rum fragrance. It was entertaining to see her reaction when she smelled it. What a look! :w00t:
  6. Damn, I love Classics bay rum soap, I just wish I had some, and there's nothing wrong with Col Conk's version either.

  7. Kyle

    Kyle Moderator Emeritus Contributor

    I've had the priviledge of using it and it is definitely a great combo.
  8. It was definately a guy smell! lol :001_smile
  9. I chased down at significant cost three bars of Burt's soap, without having tried it before, though a big bay rum fan. The smell is great, but I cannot get any sort of foam going. It's like it was carbonated, lots of bubles, almost no substance. I guess this is why he discontinued making it. I'll have to try Mama Bear's next time I'm in the USA.
  10. Oh, another bay rum soap I have that's definitely worth checking out is the one from Sensational Indulgences. It has a very delicious scent, although, you have to work a little harder to get a rich lather from it. The skincare however, is fabulous, and so is the shave. It's handmade from completely ingredients, so for anyone who has sensitive skin, this stuff is a real treat.

  11. Honeybee Bay Rum is da' bomb in my book! :thumbup: I love this makes a great lather, leaves your skin feeling nice and is my favorite Bay Rum scent. I may get some extra for hand wash soap. :biggrin:
  12. Total agreement. Burt's Bees Bay Rum is without question the worst shaving soap I've ever used performance wise: great smell, but no lather to speak of whatsoever... you've got to wonder what their product testing consists of?

    Its still in my rotation, though... as a drawer freshner!:w00t:
  13. Ron,

    I wholeheartedly agree with you. The Honeybee is fantatstic is all aspects. I don't care at all for the Col. Conk Bay Rum, and never thought I would care for a bay rum but the Honeybee is another story I just love this fragrance.

  14. RVG is that Easy-E in your Avitar?
  15. Another bay rum soap comes to my mind, the one from that one also is wonderful scent-wise, handmade, no artificial crap to screw up a tender skin, but it involves practice and patience to produce a good lather. The cream version of it on the other hand, lathers real easily.

  16. PottyDoctor adds Olivia Bay Rum to his ever lengthening wish list! :wink:
  17. Ron, it's excellent stuff, I think you'd enjoy it. Just remember to add a little more water to your brush, then swirl it again in the soap, then re-wet your brush, swirl it again in the soap, then you should have a good lather, and enjoy that great bay rum scent!

  18. You are correct sir ... gotta represent the west coast! :wink:

    Maybe I'll do a whole "old school" series and put in Too Short or MC Eight next...:thumbup:
  19. Suzuki

    Suzuki Moderator Emeritus

    The only bay rum soap I have is QED (stick) - very old school, spicy and masculine.
  20. I just received the Honeybees Bay Rum today. Looking forward to shaving with it tonight. Will report back. The scent though, I can already report to be great. But then, I have no other Bay Rums to compare to. Kinda want the QED. Although the truth is that overall I prefer a woodier scent.

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