Battlestar gone for now....?

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  1. So this ended up being a "mid-season finale". But no announcement of when it will return. I heard a rumor that it won't be back until 2009. Anyone else have any news?

    What did you think of the finale?
  2. The SciFi channel pres. has said the show will come back in the first quarter of 2009. They are also prepping as many as 3 made-for-TV movies, one of which should shoot this year. Finally, the series finale will likely end up at 3 hours instead of the standard 1. While the long wait kind of sucks, it looks like it may be time well spent.
  3. 3 battlestar movies? or just scifi movies of another subject?
  4. These guys simply deliver. Whatever it is it will be worth the wait. A 3-hour finale? Can you imagine what they will do? Unreal.

    My question is: can the last season of "The Shield" approach a similar standard? Or has it been too long?
  5. 3 BSG movies. The first one will probably take place during season one because the actor who plays Helo is currently shooting another movie and would likely be unavailable. Since Helo was on New Caprica at the time, all is well. I don't know anything about the other two though.
  6. Am I confused about something? Didn't they show a preview of the next episode?
  7. Alls I know is that this summer finale kicked butt. That was one great episode.
  8. I just watched all 4 seasons of Stargate:Atlantis and loved it. I figured I would head over to watch Battlestar from the beginning now.
  9. I have to be more observant. Didn't see that this was a "mid-season" finale.
  10. The full final season is actually done shooting and completed.
    SciFi decided to go for the money grab and split the season into 2 halves - they basically get two seasons for the price of one. Then they sell the dvd for the half season now, then a year from now they sell the "full season" ....eventually to be followed by the entire series all in one set......

    The writers/producers/actors basically have no say in when the episodes air - I saw the guy who plays Apollo was ripping SciFi for it.

    FWIW I also read that even though the filming is done, the actors have no idea how the series ends, or so they say.....maybe they filmed multiple endings.

    I will definitely be watching, just hate to wait that long - they are really jerking around the loyal fans IMO
  11. These long hiatuses are seriously killing the series for my wife and me. I have four episodes on Tivo, and I'm in no hurry to watch them. My wife has given up on the show. To make things worse, the few episodes from this season that we have seen haven't been all that good.
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    Last episode before summer break - WTF?

    So what is up with Earth all burnt out and destroyed, and uninhabited? I kinda figured something bad was going to happen as the episode was unfolding at the end. It was just too easy for them to make that final, grand jump to Earth.

    * Do they need to travel back in time or something to fix a "time problem", perhaps from Starbuck's earlier visit?
    * Are they not on Earth but some planet along the way to their final destination?

    I gots to know. It's gonna be a long summer!
  13. I'm going to start a thread regarding the season finale so those who have not seen it won't get things spoiled.
  14. And for extra safety, you can also use the BB Code spoiler tag:

    Keep those giveaways hidden!
    Just use [ spoiler ] and [ /spoiler ] (without the spaces)
  15. Or just put in the thread title **BEWARE OF SPOILERS** so we can talk freely!
  16. They are currently filming the final episodes so it's very possible you saw a clip from the next episode.

    Was I the only one that was glad to see that they landed on a post-apocalyptic Earth? I'm currently running on the theory that the "final five" are the cylon survivors from Earth. Earth independently developed their own cylons who rebelled and the rebellion destroyed the planet.
  17. The last two have made up for the mediocrity of the rest.
  18. If this was really a money grab why all the blaming it on the writers strike? Or is it just a cover story to fuel the vast sci-fi channel conspiracy?
  19. [​IMG]

    SciFi used to do summer hiatuses of shows. Remember Farscape?

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