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  1. My newfound interest in traditional shaving has fingered out into the bath & shower. I've been using basic store-bought soaps for I want to take the experience to a higher level of healthy with a masculine fragrance/scent/aroma more like Channel and less like Ivory. My wife's in shock.

    Anyway, I like the following scents and aromas:

    Oak (any wood really)
    Dried Leaves

    Any recommendations for a healthy bath soap with some of those characteristics?
  2. Nancy Boy is the answer. I love their bath soaps and based on your parameters, I think you might like their Signature, Blossomwood and Sweetwood. There are complete descriptions on their website. I given these soaps as gifts and everyone (men & women) seem to like it. For shaving while I use mostly soaps, when I use creams or make a super-lather, Nancy Boy is usually the choice. It really is fantastic. It's worth joining their "club" as you save 15% on the products and get free stuff as well. Their cooling aftershave balm is also excellent. They sell the shave creams in a travel size which is a great way to test out the various scents (Signature is my favorite).
  3. My dermatologist reconmended Cetaphil[SUP]®[/SUP] to me in 2007 for my dry and sensitive skin. I use it in the shower, as a twice daily face wash and I'm totally satisfied with the great results. To me, it has a faint 'clean smell' (can't really lock down it's scent...but it's suposed to be scent-free ).

    It's a very "effective cleanser that removes surface bacteria and provides [the] skin with unique, dual-action moisturizing and deodorant benefits in a mild, non-soap formulation". :thumbsup:

    Cetaphil® Antibacterial Cleaning Bar

    [​IMG] "Everyone who's ever taken a shower has an idea. It's the person who gets out of the shower, dries off and does something about it who makes a difference". Nolan Bushnell

  4. the_edski

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    Everyman Jack has a Cedarwood body bar. Great cedar scent, along with a healthy whiff of sage and rosemary. Contains no SLS, so it wont dry out your skin. I found it at a local Target.
  5. If you are near to a Whole Foods, stop by , sniff and try their triple-milled (french-milled soaps) They are as good as any I have tried. Lots of good natural soaps out there. For something really different try African DuDu Osen soap.
  6. Pre de Provence has sage and their soaps are simply amazing.
  7. What about Mystic Waters. Not trying to thread jack, but I have been. Curious about this too.
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    Nancy Boy used to be my go-to until a reformulation a couple of years ago left them far shorted-lived than before. Your love of earthy scents may make the musgo real bar soap a winner for you. Honestly, all of the claus porto soaps are excellent.
  9. Hugo Naturals soaps are the best bath soaps I have ever used, and I've tried a lot of expensive, well regarded bath soaps. Go to their website and pick a few scents and give 'em a try.
  10. Thanks gents. As usual, great assistance. I've got a great list now to start exploring.
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    L'Occitane Shea butter soap is awesome! The one I use has a slight lemony scent, so not too feminine. Kind of pricey, but it is a big bar, and it lasts for ages.
  12. I'm finishing up a bar of Musgo Real bath soap right now. It's good stuff...definitely "macho" but good. My favorite bath soaps are actually "One with Nature" brand bar soaps from the health food store...Whole Foods probably has them as well. They don't have all the scents you're after but they are very nice. Sometimes online stores like Vitacost and Iherb have them for very inexpensive prices.

    You might also want to check out the men's line Mistral is doing...I've not tried these (only sniffed them in a local store) but they seem really nice.

    Oh, and +1 on L'Occitane and Pre de Provence as well.
  13. Sure you can pay more for snazzy men's scented soaps. And some of them are darn good...Yardkley Citrus & Wood and the Mistral line come to mind. But Mysore Sandal Soap fits the bill perfectly and is dirt cheap.
  14. Yeah, I love the MSS soap...kinda forgot about it as I was typing my response. The only issue is that the scent is quite strong and seems to be highly YMMV based on previous discussions I've seen here.
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    Places like TJ Max and Marshalls seem to have a good selection of nice bath soaps, if you go in one of those stores, check to see if they have any scents you like. I personally like the Every Man Jack already mentioned as well as Aramis soap but its a bit pricey.
  16. Mystic Water bath soap is fantastic. I have three bars of it and it is amazing. Previously, I loaded up on Yardley from the Dollar Store and I never thought any soap would unseat it from my shower. I was sorely mistaken. For me, I get a better lather from the MW, the scents are great, and I just plain enjoy it more. I'd say I come out just as clean with it compared to the Yardley but my experience is better.
  17. While I may be a little off, I find that plain old ivory has always worked the best for me. I also Like the Dove mens care line as they are not heavy on any scent.
  18. My goodness - you ARE a good friend! I bought the Signature cream, Cooling Gel and moisturizer and rec'd a free "Invigorating" soap (peppermint) - my wife has already instructed me to reorder the moisturizer, add in a night-cream and get some more soap. Scary how easy it is to become used to finer things
  19. Showering and bathing is a daily part of most people wake up lewe.Die morning, sparkling in front of himself in the shower, sink, and from day one to get you started. But it is good to reflect on the bath products we use on a daily basis to be informed and have a few thoughts in the selection of the best. Choosing the right bath soap is particularly important because it often with skin contact.

  20. I simply love..


    $Screen Shot 2012-04-25 at 6.45.37 PM.png

    $Screen Shot 2012-04-25 at 6.44.37 PM.jpg
    Superior quality bath soap made with the finest ingredients.
    Classic tallow & Coconut oil base for a rich, creamy lather.
    Enriched with lecithin & Beeswax.
    With added glycerine & Lanolin , for dehydrated and sensitive skin
    150g paper wrapped bar.

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