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  1. Has any one tried any of their bar soaps? CO Bigelow Mentha looks like something fun to try...
  2. I've used their Mentha body wash before. Good grief is that stuff cold.
  3. I'm curious and want to try this stuff now :) Did you not like it VT_Hokie?
  4. I liked it, but it was def only for days when it was just oppressively hot and humid outside. Really chilly.
  5. Got both for Father's Day. The bar is great, cooling. The body wash is cold. I love it when it is hot outside, but careful with it in some places.
  6. All I know is this- my wife recently took on a management role in Victoria's secret. They own Bath and wife stated that it's 40% off on any items, even if they're on sale. I have a feeling more C.O. Bigelow will be coming my way. I do like the smell of their men's line peppermint bar soap.
  7. Some men are just so lucky jeez.....
  8. Skip the Mentha Body Wash and go for Bigelow's White or Green Elixir Body Washes instead. You'll thank me later.
  9. What is the scent like on the green/white elixir?

  10. I get bergamot/oranges with the White Elixir. The Green gives me fresh cedar and pine trees. Both are fantastic and non-drying. The Mentha isn't a bad product, I just think if you wanna skip right to the cream of the crop at BBW then the other two products are the best way to go.
  11. I've been happy with the Black Pepper range from CO Bigelow. With the 3-for-2 specials and $1 shipping, I went ahead and picked up the Elixir White, Green, and Blue ranges.

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