Barbour Beaufort or Filson Weekender?

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  1. I'm torn between these two coats. They both look great and fit great.

    Given the choice between the two, which would you choose?

    Thank you for your help.
  2. I have both Barbour and Filson and I would keep the Barbour coat if I had to pick. IF you send it in for the refinish every year or every other it will last you a very long time.
  3. I love my Beaufort and would get another in a second if I lost this one but I also love every piece of Filson-wear I own. Do you see yourself more as the English country gentleman or the Northwest American country gentleman?
  4. Filson.
  5. Barbour, for sure.
  6. Rudy Vey

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    Barbour, what else! I have a Border jacket since the late 70's and it is still going strong, sure has a few holes, but still is doing its job.
  7. Good question. I'm more of a semi-rural, Midwestern, outdoorsy, insurance salesman with male-pattern baldness type of guy.

    I like the styling of both and they both look very durable. I have had positive experience with several Filson products in the past (hats, belts, gloves and other accessories), but no experience with their coats and jackets.

    So far, the features of both are roughly equal. Filson may have a slight cost advantage. Filson may be easier to get repaired in the States (but I'm not sure).

    I'm very torn and my wife needs some guidance for my Christmas gift.
  8. professorchaos

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    Filson makes some excellent products. However, I have three four Barbour jackets and love each one.
  9. As someone who owns both Filson and Barbour jackets and coats....I will say you can't go wrong with either one. If I had to choose just one though, it would be a Filson. I think that value-wise, you can't beat a Mackinaw Cruiser wool coat. The wool is really nice but also wears like nails.

    There is certainly nothing wrong at all with Barbour, I just think Filson is a better value.

  10. I don't know about Filson, but a big plus point with Barbour in The UK is their aftercare service. You can get them to do just about anything to maintain it, from re-applying a label to stitching and patching up the entire back. You pay for it of course- Barbour is not cheap, but famous for a reason.
  11. A friend who has an original Filson Cruiser was visiting one of their stores on the west coast. His jacket was approximately 8-10 years old.

    One of the store people looked at it, and apparently (nothing appeared wrong to he who owned it, it was just fairly well broken in from hard use over a long period) was dissatisfied with the color of the coat, ie it had not held up correctly. He told him to pick a new one off the racks and it was on them.

    I'd say they stick by their product.
  12. if you decide Filson be sure you you it from an authorized dealer!
  13. Barbour
  14. I used to sell Barbour and own a Beaufort, so I'm a fan.

    You can get tins of the wax used on them and touch up the finish yourself. I even used a tin of wax on a wide brimmed hat once. Made it totally waterproof.

  15. That's amazing!
  16. Legion

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    Driza-bone. ;)
  17. Interesting suggestion. I'm not sure I like the look of the full shoulder cape however.
  18. A definite +1. I have three Drizabone jackets. Two with the cape, one without. I have had Barbour but to, be honest, I think I prefer the Drizabone.

  19. The Driz-a-Bones are more durable than Barbour, not sure about the Filsons. I got a 3/4 one with a cape and after a while I felt too much like Wyat Earp, with the Stetson and Driz-a-bone worn simultaneously, so I cut off the cape. Worn without a brimmed hat it has a nice look for the city, with a smaller brimmed hat or beanie it has quite a neo-hippie look to it. Very well made, but definitely more of a style statement, unless you're in the country. As a camping/outdoor jacket it's perfect.
  20. Legion

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    Driza-bone make a lot of different styles. The riding coats with the cape are most commonly seen, but they have other, less "cowboy" looking jackets. I have a Brumby style jacket I keep in the car.

    They also make a coat called the Jacana which looks similar to Barbour biking jacket.
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