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  1. Whats up fellas, got a real question for you guys, why dose everybody stay away or speak bad of Barbasol shaving cream?
    My grandfather walk into my bathroom and ask why did I have all the fancy shaving cream and brush. All he's uses is Barbasol since he had hair on his face...Now my grandfather is over 73 years old and i really got to say he looks very good for his age, maybe good genes or who know...but whats makes other shaving cream better than Barasol..? and is it really worth the money to keep paying for top dollar shaving creams..??? i mean come on a can cost $1.50...DAM!!!!:huh:
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    I think you've got it backwards.

    Barbasol gets at least nodding respect around here. It is, after all, goop in a can, but many users feel it to be the best goop out there. Maybe the fact that its been around so long in its original form has something to do with it.

    You can read a positive review of Barbasol foam here in this thread.

    My grandfather was an old-school barber. He had access to all kinds of fancy-schmancy soaps and creams and razors to use on his customers. But you know what he used at home to shave himself? Barbasol!
  3. So do you use it yourself or any of you guys use it over the three T's , proraso, AOS,exe..??? and would you put it in the same group...???
  4. I think that everybody here will fall roughly into one of two camps: those who cannot use canned creams due to irritation (reaction w/the skin) and those who are able to use canned gel/foam, but use traditional soaps/creams for the enhanced shaving experience.

    In may case, the propellants from most of the cans irritate my skin. I can use Nivea with wonderful results though; however, I choose to use a DE razor, Tabac, and a brush because I like the experience of it.

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    I have used it, but it is not in my current shave-den. I look at it from time to time in the drugstore, and think about picking up a can just to have around. And the ONLY goop-in-a-can that I think of bringing home is Barbasol. Getting some Edge or Gillette Foamy or anything else is out of the question.

    I've noticed that a lot of people that are NOT into wet-shaving use Barbasol as their goop of choice. They are no doubt buying it because of the price, little do they know that they made a good choice on quality, too.
  6. I use Barbasol Original every day with my 1952 Gillette Super Speed and Personna reds..................great dependable shaves! I think knowing how to use a DE the right way is the most important part of shaving.
  7. If I am correct Barbasol is still a private company, owned by a family in Ohio. To that I say Kudos and would use it on that basis alone. I do like to support people or private owned buisness whenever I can as opposed to Gillette or something large and similar. I do like their products either way and agree with the praise for it.
  8. I use it, and the yellow can with lanolin is in my rotation. Broke a water line coming off my water heater so until the damage is repaired this is what I am using along with my manual fusion. Sure am glad I have family close by so I can do my laundry and get a shower. At least the shave den is going to get a remodel to a certain degree.

  9. Barbasol is OK. I can't find the lanolin version.

    However, Barbasol can't compete on two fronts:

    1) Scent. I used Mama Bear Frankincense and Myrhh this morning and there's never been a Barbasol product that smells as great as this soap, and there probably never will be.

    2) Satisfaction of clepping a lather. Yes, the Barbasol is fast, but I've actually come to enjoy taking my brush to a soap and generating my own lather. I get great satisfaction out adding just the right amount of water and mixing it with just the right technique to get the lather EXACTLY how I want it. Barbasol takes that satisfaction away from me.
  10. I've used Barbasol Menthol shave cream... probably their best! I rather be caught with a can of Barbasol than a Gillette one.
  11. I am in total agreement.

    For a fast, dependable shave, I use a 1957 Gillette Super Speed, RP Personnas and Foamy Barber Shop Clean (for the fantastic scent). I will give Barbasol a shot. But, for a leisurely shave, I prefer brushed creams and to a lesser extent, soaps.
  12. I've used Barbasol since I started shaving and will have it in the bathroom forever. It's my foam of choice when traveling. It's easy to use and works great...
  13. Barbasol is all I used to use before leaving cartridges for DE shaving. I do like Proraso, Musgo and TOBS but wouldn't rule out Barbaso completely if I ran out of others. Not a great endorsement I guess but...
  14. :thumbup: Nah you guys are all heretics, its obviously canned Noxzema thats the best canned goo...Seriously though my skin feels and looks better after using Noxzema than any of my more expensive creams I use the brush such as Musgo etc. Its been a recent revelation of mine and I am not sure how to explain it because the conventional wisdom on here - which I use to fully agree with - is that canned goo is total crap. I've never tried Barbasol but it sounds like the OP's grandfather has the same experience I have with Noxzema. So my question is....what gives?
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    Barbasol yellow can with lanolin is a good product.
    I keep it in my rotation and use it when I have no time for a quality wet shave.
    It is my go-to for very quick shaves.
    And with Barbasol I always get good results.
    But, again, I use it only when in time trouble.
    Shaving with a world class shaving cream, lathered up with a super badger brush is another story...
  16. Sure it's not the menthol in Noxzema that's doing its thing on your skin? My skin feels and looks great too after I use Godrej Menthol Mist or Proraso/Omega.
  17. some of the noxzema canned goos have lanolin in them. I'll bet that's why his face is loving it.
  18. You know who has it by us is Bloom. Not sure if they have Bloom by you but there's one by the Walmart near Sandbridge by me.

  19. I'd still be using the original Barbasol in a can if it weren't for business trips to Colorado Springs. The humidity is so darn low that Barbasol ends up drying my face instead of moisturizing it. I've shifted to Alba Botanica unscented (the shaving cream that used to be at Trader Joe's). I continue to experiment with other creams, though.

    My barber dad used Barbasol as long as I can remember.
  20. :tongue_sm

    Anyone remember "Singin' Sal th' Barbasol Gal"? Never knew her real name but she was so fine I would have drunk her bathwater. Richard Pryor would have said "she was so fine I would have @#$%^& her daddys @#$%. Good product too, when available.
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