Bandanas Anyone?

Discussion in 'The Haberdashery' started by Uncle Jackie, May 1, 2012.

  1. I look terrible in a hat.

    Okay, there I said it. That being said, since I am bald I need to keep my head cool and sun free in the summer, yet not exposed to snow in the winter. My solution is the bandana, works great, fits in my pocket if I don't need it, goes right in the washing machine, they are almost free. One small problem. I'm 5'10, full beard, lots of tattoos and 250 lbs. I look like the kind of person my mother warned me about, even when I'm dressed for a 'day at the office'.

    One of these days I'm gonna find a hat that looks good on me, dang it!

    ps, Sorry about the vent.
  2. Doc4

    Doc4 Moderator Emeritus Contributor

    ... and whatcha gonna do, brutha, when Uncle Jackie runs wild on you!?!?

  3. The resemblance is astounding, except most of my mass sits between my chest and my belt line. ;)
  4. Yes, the avatar is me. I kid you not when I say I've tried on well over 200 hats... berets, fedoras, even cowboy hats and a fez; ball caps are not my style at all. Don't get me wrong, most of the time a bandana works perfectly fine, and I'm certainly not the most classy guy around, I'm quite alright with that. It is just the frustration of NO hat looking good on me.
  5. If you have tried over 200 hats, you might be a little to hard on yourself if you haven't found "the one". I would bring a friend or my wife with me next time and ask for their honest opinion. You might find something you grow to love that you passed on the first time.
  6. There's definitely an element of confidence required to wear some hats. You may think that a fedora looks weird on you but others may say "that's [email protected]!" when they see you in it. I agree with Champion, you need to bring someone with you for a second opinion.
  7. rearviewmirror

    rearviewmirror Moderator Emeritus

    in the cooler months you can always go with the beanie to keep warm.
    Have you looked into Kangol hats? they'd probably work for you.
  8. I have a shaved head and as such, don't like the feel of a hat on my head with no hair cushion between the brim and my skin. As a result, I often carry a bandana and either use it to occasionally wipe my head or wear it. I agree that wearing a bandana is not exactly a classy piece of apparel and I only wear one in appropriate settings, but I have yet to find anything that I feel comfortable with to replace it.
  9. Doc4

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    If you are not used to wearing hats, a hat can make you look so different to what you are accustomed to, that you have a hard time telling "better/different" from "fugly/different". It may just be a matter of getting some independent advice from someone who knows what they are talking about, style-wise, and taking that leap of faith and wearing what they say looks good even if you feel silly for a while wearing it.

    ... says the guy from Florida.

    Up here, we have different ways to keep the head warm.


    ... eh.
  10. rearviewmirror

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    I'm originally from Upstate NY, I still have my giant Colombia winter coat, goretex gloves and a wool hat WITH EARFLAPS!
  11. I tried one wife looked at me and and said "you look like a biker" rode a bike in my life...:punk:
  12. Hmmm I think a Bowler would look top notch!
  13. I wear a bandana... to play tennis. I used to wear them tied as headbands but I have receded enough where that just looks stupid, so bandana it is for me.
  14. how would you describe your wardrobe/style-of-dress?

    a lot depends on that. some hats might totally work for you but then happen to clash with what you are wearing. I don't find it surprising
    that out of 200 hats none of them worked for you. A good hat is a difficult thing to find, and you want to be absolutely comfortable with it.

    If you look like the type of dude that momma warned one about then you don't want to go throwing that off with a top hat. Unless you're
    able to make it work . . . In which case that might be cool.

    I know a bald guy who really makes a bucket hat work for him. He pulls it off brilliantly.

    How do you feel about something like a tweed newsboy hat? might look good on you judging from your pic.

    Best of Luck with this mission!
  15. M80

    M80 Contributor

    How about sunscreen in the summer and a knit cap in the winter? To me, bandanas do not say, "I am trying to cover my head from the elements."; rather it screams, "I am insecure about being bald and this is my poor attempt at hiding it."

    Perhaps this is not true for you, but it is the snap judgement I make when I see a bandanna wearing fellow.
  16. Your points are all quite valid. I have been shaving my head for years, and most of the time I do go bald (always when inside), so I have nothing to hide. Funny that my children don't remember me ever having hair. I think I'll go with the flow here. If you don't mind, I'll post a couple pictures of myself and you can decide what you think might look good, then I'll start focusing on those types.

    Here are a couple of typical everyday me...



  17. Looks fine to me. No add ons needed. I often wear a bandana, as I'm the outdoorsy/mountain bike/climb anything I can type. Have you tried BUffs? You can wear them a variety of ways and they are way more comfortable than your typical bandana. Cool patterns too.
  18. Cool. Never heard of them. Thanks.
  19. i think the bandana suits you quite well. what about something like a kufi?

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