Baili Victory?

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  1. So, not hearing anything, I did some research on the internet. It looks as if the handle is about 90mm or 3.5" which is not as long as I had hoped but better than the 3" handle on my Goodwill that I am planning on pairing with the Baili handle. It also looks as if the handle is alloy (what did you expect from a $6 razor?) and the whole razor is less than 2 oz, so It isn't going to have much heft to it. Anyway, I placed the order at shaveabuck and I'll be curious to give the Goodwill/Victory combo a test shave when it arrives.
  2. Hey, thanks for the info. I was looking at it tonight and came here to see if I could find any info. I think I'm going to pass on this one for now.
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    I ran across the Baili Victory BR171T Razor on Ebay, $9.99 with travel case, Baili blade, and a 5-pack of Derby Extras. It occurred to me that the vintage travel razors I had been ordering would require removal of blade, disassembly, and repacking everything in the mini-case, even after a single use. That is simply not practical for settings like the office shower or the gym. The Baili, on the other hand, has a specially fitted case for the entire razor, even with blade in place.
    I used it for the first time this morning. It seemed to function the same as my more expensive Mühle R106 at home As the clock dictated how much time I could spend on the shave, I had to cut it off after a couple passes but still got almost BBS, which is the same result I would expect if I were time-limited with a more expensive razor. Unless and until I find a better idea, it will be my DE razor when away from home.
  4. I bought one just to have a longer, heavier yellow metal handle to use on my Goodwill #160. Never tried the head, but build quality on the handle was better than the price would suggest.

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