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    Forum Rules

    Registration to this forum is free! We do insist that you abide by the rules and policies detailed
    below. Please make sure that you also read the Forum Etiquette page.

    Badger & Blade Terms of Usage
    Welcome to Badger and Blade, the premier on-line forum for those in pursuit of the gentlemanly
    art of traditional wet-shaving as well as providing one of the most comprehensive resources for
    discussing and reviewing men's grooming products.
    This site is filled with the friendliest bunch of people on the internet, dedicated to kicking back,
    shooting the breeze, and helping each other. Please keep in mind that this is a privately-owned
    forum. While having fun is the primary goal, there are several rules that the moderators and
    administrators would like to make clear.

    All members
    1. Feel welcome! Jump right into the conversation -- a great place to start is by introducing
    yourself in our Shave Clinic and Newbie Check-in, as well as in the Hall of Fame.

    2. Realize that we take great pride in B&B being a work-friendly, internet oasis for gentlemanly
    behavior. This means that profanity, inflammatory comments regarding politics and/or religion,
    personal attacks, pornographic images, discussions of illegal or illicit activity, or any other
    ungentlemanly behavior as deemed inappropriate by the Administrators/Moderators, is
    unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Offenders will be dealt with swiftly. More to the point, if
    it's likely to be offensive, or if you wouldn't say it to someone in person, it doesn't belong here.

    3. Comply with the requests of the moderators. We dont interfere unless its absolutely
    necessary. We will gladly discuss with you any requests we make. This can be done via private
    messaging so as to save anyone from any unnecessary public embarrassment.

    4. For members other than Vendors and Hobbyists, to whom separate rules apply, offers to
    buy, sell, trade, or otherwise exchange can only be made in our Buy Sell Trade forum
    (BST). No links or mentions to such offers are to be included in members signatures nor
    posted in forums other than the BST. New members are welcome to purchase items from
    the B/S/T forum right away, but must wait until they've amassed 45 days of membership
    and 50 posts to use this forum to sell, trade, or post "want to buy" ads. More on the B/S/T
    Rules here. Also, have a look at this page: Panjo Marketplace

    4a. The BST forum was not set up as a profit center for individuals. B&B discourages members
    from only posting sales and not contributing in other forums. To use the BST, the vast majority
    of your posts should be on the shaving forums.

    4b. Members without a bonafide internet or brick and mortar storefront may also be considered
    vendors (at the sole discretion of the mod team) and may lose their privileges in the B/S/T forum
    if they are marking up items to unreasonable prices, or selling large quantities of items on the
    B/S/T on a regular basis - again, both of these variables are at the sole discretion and
    classification of the mod team. We welcome members who wish to add further value to the
    membership of the forum by selling items here in the B/S/T - however this community is not
    intended to be the free storefront and marketing arm of businesses.​

    5. While we enjoy offering the B/S/T thread as a service to our members, we see it as just a small
    portion of our site's greater good. Problems are incredibly rare, but you should know that
    transactions in B/S/T are ultimately not the responsibility of B&B -- caveat emptor!

    5a. These are not hard and fast rules but such activities are watched with a wary eye.
    • Never ending PIFs end up in what is basically trading and trading is not allowed
    outside of the BST.
    • Traveling boxes/Trains can only be started by members in good standing. Members
    participate at their own risk.​

    6. To prevent abusive advertisement, no member shall direct other members, either through
    direct hotlink or indirectly through comments or other means, to any live e-Bay auctions or other
    auction sites.
    Do not post URLs, item numbers, or seller IDs or any similar information unless that e-Bay sale
    is strictly a "buy it now" sale with no option available to place a bid, or is contained within an e-
    Bay storefront.
    Members should also use good judgment in posting information that may reference specific
    active auctions, particularly if the extra attention drawn to it would be unwanted by other
    members who may be bidding.
    Please feel free to discuss eBay auctions only after they are closed.

    6a. Links to sites that duplicate B&B content - B&B is a free service for our members, and
    maintains a specific set of rules, posting limitations, and fee structure for those advertising
    goods, services, and outside information sources such as blogs, podcasts, videos, and sites which
    have similar content to B&B. Links, redirects, or pointing to content that duplicates B&B content
    is disallowed. Links to blogs (regardless of subject) are not permitted. In short, if it's a subject
    discussed on B&B, links to other sites may only be posted by approved and paid vendors.​

    7. B&B is not an appraisal site. As such, asking values here isn't acceptable behavior. All B&B
    members, asking and answering, new or old, should be aware that B&B is a community of users,
    and not an appraisal or identification service.

    8. Any proposed group buys must be brought to the attention of the moderator team for
    approval prior to the posting of any such proposed endeavor.

    9. This website is based in and governed by the laws of California.

    9b. Any attempts at promoting gambling, raffles or unauthorized use of this site for fund-raising
    is strictly prohibited, this would include, but is not limited to such things as charity events, "vote
    for me/someone I know in a contest", solicitations for medical treatment costs or political
    campaigns. This means that discussion of Kickstarter or other similar fundraising sites & their
    projects, unfunded projects, and pre-order projects are also prohibited.
    10. Individuals are only allowed to register once. Anyone found with more than one account will
    lose all membership privileges. If you have multiple individuals in your household that wish to
    be members and share an IP address, please inform a moderator.

    11. Do not submit/post copyrighted materials, or pictures, content, etc that you do not own.
    Badger & Blade is not responsible for, and does not assume liability for the content posted by
    members of this forum. If you feel an infringement has been made, contact the member that
    posted the material in question.

    12. Remember that in the end, it's not solving world hunger. It's just shaving!

    Other terms

    Finally, everyone should be aware that "Badger and Blade", the badger head logo, "B&B", and
    all combinations thereof when referring to men's grooming; are trademarked and the sole
    property of Badger & Blade. All content submitted becomes property of Badger & Blade which
    is free to use any and all submissions for non-commercial purposes.

    Lastly, but most importantly, have fun!

    How do I accept this agreement?
    By using or accessing the services, you agree to abide by this agreement without modification by
    you. If you do not agree, you may not use the services.

    All members and vendors must read and agree to the rules in order to participate on Badger and
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