Bad news for Groom & Clean users

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  1. I was talking to a friend of mine who is a buyer for Wal*Mart and she was telling me that Unilever/Suave has discontinued Groom & Clean.

    I love the product, and alternate between it and Brylcreem as I like that shiny groomed old fashioned clean cut look.

    CVS brands has their own version (Style & Groom) which is exactly the same and can be purchased online often times cheaper than G&C.

    Just thought I would share the news.
  2. Yeah that is too bad. I use it off and on with my pomade to give a little extra shine. It washes out pretty easily too. May have to run out and get a couple of tubes before it disappears from the shelves.
  3. That is too bad! I love G&C
  4. Damn, I'm fond of Groom & Clean, I find it better than Brylcreem. Looks like I'll have to stock up.
  5. I picked up a tube a few weeks ago. I thought it was a brylcreem knock off, since it's always right next to it. Not quite.

    However, my wife and myself don't care for the smell and I don't really like the hold of the stuff. Got one partially used tube that I don't want to throw out exactly...:wink:
  6. I like the hold better than Brylcreem - but Brylcreem makes my hair feel really nice.

    CVS pharmacies has their own knock off of G&C that isn't discontinued yet for all the G&C diehards.
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    send it to me
  8. Oh man, this sucks. I use Groom & Clean daily and can't imagine using anything else, but I guess I'll have to. I use it with a military brush and it gives the classic shiny well-groomed look but isn't as greasy as Brylcreem....and I love the smell of it. I'm glad I saw this thread because now I'll be stocking up.
  9. I just discovered this stuff today and now I find out it is being discontinued. It sounds like cvs carries a similar product, but I'm curious if that will be discontinued as well.

    Has anyone found a similar product out there or should I stock up on as many tubes as I can find?
  10. This stuff smells like apple pie to me!
  11. I would stock up on it if I was you. In my opinion, nothing else out there like it, that will wash out so easily, yet give you the classic slicked/well groomed look. I am also now using Wildroot too, it's more of a cream and is greasier, but makes your hair really shine and leaves it really smooth and easy to groom.
  12. Yeah I notice that sometimes too. When I 1st started using it, I did not like the strong smell, but after applied and in your hair for awhile the smell changes somewhat and their is like a apple spice scent to it at times. I really like this stuff cannot say enough good things about it. What I like most is it still smells the same as when my dad would slather it on my hair for Sunday church almost 25 years ago..... Too bad it will be discontinued.
  13. GOOD NEWS!!! I live in the Philippines and I walked into Gaisano Supermarket and found a huge display of Groom n Clean tubes. Stupid me I didn't remember this is a d/c item in the states so I didn't get a price point but if anyone is interested I will pick some up and bring to the states in April and priority mail from Florida. PM me if interested and I will go back to Gaisano and get a price for the tubes... probably around 50 pesos each but don't quote me (That's about $1.20).
  14. I used to like Groom and Clean, Brylcreme also. But IMHO besting both is Top Brass. However, it does not wash out quite as easily as the other two.
  15. I just came across this post, and talk about a blast from the past. I used G&C everyday when I was in high school. That was the best stuff going back then. It slicked the hair down and held it that way all day. :thumbup1:

    We thought that look was really cool back then. :laugh: :blink:
  16. I guess that is why it is still around. It's the only product I have found that will keep your hair slicked down/back that will wash out easily and not gum up your hair. It's really making a comeback with the whole Madmen TV show, and the retro look comeback. My barber now keeps a tube at his shop-he began stocking it for me and it has caught on with a few other customers.:001_cool:
  17. I just emailed Suave to find out if this rumor is true. I also informed them if Groom and Clean has been discontinued, then I'll make it a point to not buy anything made by Unilever/Suave.
  18. Allright!! Way to be a trend setter. Everyone will come back around to this because they recognize true style when they see it.
  19. Here is the reply to an email sent to Suave regarding Groom and Clean:

    "Thank you for writing us regarding Groom & Clean.

    This product is available through national distribution to any store willing to stock it. We suggest that you speak with your store managers and let them know you are interested in the product. Urge them to contact their distributor so they may carry it on their shelves. We will forward your comments to the Brand Manager and the distribution staff.

    We have the ability to locate items for consumers. Please understand that our data is only updated on a monthly basis. As such, we recommend calling the store before making a special trip to confirm it is still in stock. Listed below are the stores in your area that should have this available:"

    Then they listed about 20 stores in my area that carry it. SO rejoice fellow Groom and Clean users, it is not discontinued!!
  20. Nice work, westpac.

    That is good news, indeed!

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