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  1. 48 claimed of the 50 I intended to offer, so rather than do a second trip to the post office for two pucks, I'm sticking a pin in it for now. I may list a few more once school settles down, but at this point if you haven't gotten a claim in here (If you pm'ed me or posted in the other thread and I missed it, contact me and I'll take care of you, but otherwise...) no more soaps available.
    I have PM'ed everyone in this thread and will be shipping tomorrow. Effective March 14

    Ok, I've gotten a somewhat ridiculous amount of late requests for Safari, so I'm doing a whole new thread to handle them.

    Safari Shaving soap. Tallow First. Out of Production. New in box.

    In continental US...
    $12 each + $5 flat priority shipping (per 4 pucks), so 1-4 is $5, 5-8 is $10, etc.

    I ship in priority flat rate envelopes.

    International requests...
    EDIT: It's looking like International will be 1-4 $13.50 (USPS claims that's the rate for every country). Canada and Mexico 1-4 = $11.50

    Post here with #pucks you want and your country, as I'm able to ship I will PM you my paypal and total.

    In US:

    $17 for 1
    $29 for 2
    $41 for 3
    $53 for 4
    $70 for 5

    I have had a hell of a day today (forgetting my keys and paying $50 for maintenance to open my apartment was the icing on the cake). So I likely won't do much responding today. But tomorrow and Monday I should be on the ball.


    Here's an up to date picture of my supply. I count 73 in that box, 4 in my bag, minus 7 I need to ship (mostly to eBay buyers) and maybe a half dozen for me. We'll say 50 available to keep it on the "Ian doesn't have to count every couple hours" side of things. This is really the last chance for awhile folks. Once I get this bunch out I'm going to be trying to catch up in time for a second round of midterms, and won't be able to keep bothering my poor postal employee's.

    I'm sorry about the price hike, but I've gotten damned lucky with the crappy envelopes I was using that nothing's turned up missing yet, and the Priority envelopes are a bit extra security.

    If any mods see this and have any concerns, feel free to contact me immediately. It won't offend me at all, and I'm happy to address any and all concerns.

    Here is the original thread.
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  2. Oh... I'll take 1... I'm in the US.
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  3. I'll take 1. I'm in US. Thanks!
  4. Ian,

    I would like one. Thanks.
  5. gearchow

    gearchow Moderator Emeritus Contributor

    I'll take 2 pucks, US.

    thank you,
  6. shm


    PM for two pucks across the Atlantic :001_smile
  7. Ian, thanks so much for doing this. Please mark me down for two of them, shipping to Cambridge, MA (02139).


  8. Rudy Vey

    Rudy Vey Vendor Contributor

    I posted in the old thread and also sent you a pm, but since I didn't hear back, I post it now here as well:
    I want two
    - this is great soap, one of the best, if not the best performing soap I have used in the last year.
  9. Yeah, I've tried to reply to all the PM's I got but I did check them a couple times as I was heading out the door, and had to make mental notes to reply later... sometimes those notes get lost. ;) As long as you post here, you're definitely going to get a PM from me and you'll get your soaps.
  10. PM sent for 2 if available.
  11. OK. I'm in for 1.
  12. Ian,
    I'll take two please.

    Thanks for taking such good care of us!

  13. I'll take two, please. I'm in the US.

  14. I'll take 2.
    I'm in the US.

  15. I'll take 2 US
  16. I'll take two.
  17. Since I'm trying to get a friend of mine hooked on DE shaving, I'd like two, if I could. One for me and one for her. You've piqued my interest. I'm in Jersey. The new one, not the olde one. :001_smile
  18. I'd like 2 please
  19. I'm in for one (I sent you a PM while you were away and you responded saying you were going to start a new thread when you came back....)

  20. Ian, I'm good for one puck. Thanks

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