bachelor party road trip

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  1. I just got back from a bachelor party road trip, baseball style.

    Left Michigan on Wednesday after work
    Thursday 12:35 game at Camden Yards in Baltimore; 7:05pm game in Philly
    Friday 7:05 game at Yankee stadium
    Saturday 1:05 game at National's Park in DC
    Sunday 1:05 game at Progressive Field in Cleveland.

    Some food highlights
    Pittsburgh - Primanti brothers
    Philly - Pat's (Provolone wit)
    New York - Nathan's Hot Dog and Famous Original Ray's Pizza
    New Jersey - Brownstone Diner & Pancake Factory (the best breakfast ever)

    When I got back to Detroit I kept it up and got a Coney Island (made with a Koegel Vienna of course) and a Faygo.

    Four guys, 1800 miles, it was a blast.
  2. boboakalfb

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    That is awesome...
  3. We are planning to do another one next year. Hopefully I can get a few "must try" food recommendations for it.
  4. If you stop in Hoboken - Birthplace of Baseball - just north of the Elysian Fields between 11th and 12th Streets on on the west side of Washington Street, is a the world's greatest Italian Deli, M&P Biancamano's.

    You walk in and are accosted by Old World smells of fresh mozzarella (mutz), prosciutto, soppresatta and home made hot specials like meatballs and chicken parmigiana. But, what you really want is the Roast Beef & Mutz on the Crispy bread.

    This is sandwich with slices of fresh, home made roast beef slathered on a fresh baked crispy italian long roll topped with fresh, home made mozzarella. You can kick it up a notch by adding sun dried tomatoes or sweet, roast peppers. A "Half Sandwich" will weigh in at almost two lbs.
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    that's pretty quick to get married, divorced and engaged again ... :001_tt2:
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    Apparently you haven't met my uncle. :wink2:
  7. Doc4

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    Well, I'm glad my sister hasn't ... :ohmy:
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    Awesome, even though it doesn't technically meet my definition of a batchelor party. :wink2:
  9. Have you seen Very Bad Things? :001_tt2:

  10. But then you guys would be related!
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    ... for a few months, apparently. :001_tt2:
  12. Sounds like a great trip! Oriole Park is a neat place to watch a game. No crab cakes in Baltimore??
  13. You know, I didn't think about it until we hit Cleveland. We were all bummed out.
  14. That sounds fantastic. I will look for it next time. I haven't had good soppresatta in a couple years.
  15. I almost forgot the The Schmitter at CBP in philly is a must try!!
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    My opthamologist assures me that my vision will restore eventually. :eek:
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    Wow, that sounds fantastic! I wonder if there's a schedule this year that you could do a California (or even West Coast if you can get up to Seattle too). I've does Giants and A's in the same day. I bet you could fit in Padres and Angels. Maybe include the D'Backs?
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