B&B Radio 7.18.2016 Episode

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  1. skypsyd

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  2. mightyeskimo

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    LOL!! :lol:
  3. August West

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  4. CBLindsay

    CBLindsay Contributor

    Good stuff Dave ...& Mightyeskimo.
  5. jlindy

    jlindy Contributor

    Another winner! =)
  6. Smattayu

    Smattayu Contributor

    Well done to both of you. A great show, as usual, and I enjoyed the interview.
  7. Claudel Xerxes

    Claudel Xerxes Steward Contributor

    Great job, Dave, Don, and Rudy! :thumbup: I'm glad that the interview finally happened! It was good to listen to. Thanks, for the Bingo mention, Dave.
  8. alex2363

    alex2363 Contributor

    You kinda look like Iron man director Jon Favreau

    $download.jpg $Jon_Favreau_2012.jpg $20160719_005437.png
  9. alex2363

    alex2363 Contributor

    This takes a lot of work, good job:thumbup1:
  10. skypsyd

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  11. skypsyd

    skypsyd Steward Contributor

    Thanks for watching gents
  12. Is this show available as a podcast feed?
  13. cvargo

    cvargo Steward Contributor

    Great episode! Good work!
  14. skypsyd

    skypsyd Steward Contributor

    Not as of yet, we are working on that for possible future release, Thanks for Listening!

  15. Awesome. The easiest is probably just putting the audio on Soundcloud.
  16. cmh737

    cmh737 Steward

    Another great episode, Dave. Fantastic interview with Rudy Vey, and a nice touch having the slide show to accompany it. I even recognized one of the brushes - the ivory colored PJ style handle - it's the monster Shavemac 3-band @ 32/64! :thumbup1:
  17. Terrific! :thumbup1:
  18. matwho

    matwho Steward Contributor

    Very informative. I learned what pre shave oils and creams are used for and how to use them. Will the subjects of the broadcasts show up in the search function on the site?
  19. rockero

    rockero Contributor

    Is there a podcast of this radio show? Where do I listen to more of these episodes?
  20. alex2363

    alex2363 Contributor

    Above, on post# 14 Dave said he's working on it.

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