B&B Radio- 11.14.2016 Episode

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  1. skypsyd

    skypsyd Steward Contributor

    Greetings B&B'ers and Welcome to our latest Airing of
    B&B Radio
    On this Episode:

    Current News and Events, our new mail call segment where we will be answering member questions, holiday commercials and our steward spotlight interview with Smattayu.
    Music for this episode includes:
    Sky-Seed-Trance Mix by www.danosongs.com
    Whatdafunk by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
    Artist: http://audionautix.com/
    Blue Danube - Johann Strauss II
    Pink Lemonade - Silent Partner
    Sing Swing Bada Bing - Doug Maxwell / Media Rights Productions

    Thanks For Listening / Watching
    and don't forget to Subscribe to our You Tube Channel and our podcast channel!
    As Always Comment are appreciated!
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  2. CBLindsay

    CBLindsay Contributor

    Another great job Dave. I had a bit of trouble hearing Eric at times but it was still a very good peek into Smattayu's world. (my ears aren't what they used to be & the little bit of static was enough to make parts of the interview very difficult to decipher). I've been working on getting my old rusty Ax into shape but it's going to take a fair amount more work ...lots of steel to deal with and the thing was never all that sharp to begin with. I may switch up and give the hatchet a go.
  3. rockviper

    rockviper Moderator Contributor

    Dave is master is the no-answer answer. :lol:
  4. skypsyd

    skypsyd Steward Contributor

    Thanks Chris, We were having some connection issues that day, sorry for the audio quality

    Hey, it is a YMMV thing, you get paid to get lynched, I don't, LOL. Thanks for listening Sam and for the questions
  5. cvargo

    cvargo Steward Contributor

    Yes I too did hear the clicking. Clearly a connection issue like you mentioned Dave. But That did not take away from another excellent episode! I really enjoy these!
  6. skypsyd

    skypsyd Steward Contributor

    Thanks Chad, much appreciated
  7. Another fine episode! No answer is the best answer usually!
  8. skypsyd

    skypsyd Steward Contributor

    I think they were trying to set me up, LOL thanks Shaun, appreciate you continued support!
  9. alex2363

    alex2363 Contributor

    Im hoping you do more comedy themed programs , you have a natural talent for it.
  10. Graybeard57

    Graybeard57 Steward Contributor

    I enjoyed the show released yesterday. Small issue with consistent sound quality with the answers during the interview, but not enough to lose interest in the conversation. Another good show in the can! And please do keep the Mail Call. :thumbup1:
  11. clyde72

    clyde72 Contributor

    Actually got to listen to this one before the next one came out! :001_cool:

    Another good one Dave aka [MENTION=89999]skypsyd[/MENTION] Thanks [MENTION=108505]Smattayu[/MENTION] aka Eric for allowing us to get to know you better! Great interview.
    I liked the Q&A also.

    Shave with an axe hmmmmm

    Well your not the 1st! It can be done you see.
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  12. clyde72

    clyde72 Contributor

    And another

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  13. He does indeed and his co-star was superb as well as she had wonderful voice inflections. They would probably get along well in real life.
  14. alex2363

    alex2363 Contributor

    Mike , you are an original member of B&B from 2006, you joined before I did, it's an honor that your still here . :thumbup:
  15. skypsyd

    skypsyd Steward Contributor

    i think this will be a fun one to document, LOL

    Well Mike 25 yrs and counting, so I guess you were right, LOL BTW will have questions to you soon you up for December interview??

    Here, Here!
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  16. alex2363

    alex2363 Contributor

    An Antique Hoosier / Mike interview would be awesome :thumbup:
  17. Alex ... thank you for the kind words. Not an original member but an early second wave arrival.
  18. Dave I'm looking forward to that segment. It will be my pleasure.
  19. skypsyd

    skypsyd Steward Contributor

    Ok, I will get you some questions for to review right after Thanksgiving
  20. Shave ready is a subjective thing. If it will cut hair some of the time, and yank it out some of the time, the beard is still gone. That's my take on it. Great show Dave and Eric. I am out of town for the next week, so I may not have time to get the axe to completely shave ready. But I'm gonna try!

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