B&B Radio - 10.17.2016 Episode - Sue Moore Special!

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  1. skypsyd

    skypsyd Steward Contributor

    Greetings Everyone and Welcome to
    the Next Episode of B&B Radio
    Sue Moore Memorial Auction Special

    As Always we Thank You for your viewer and Listenership
    For our podcast subscribers, this is a very "Video" heavy episode, so for your enjoyment please visit our YouTube page, or watch it right here in the Video Library.
    Comments are always appreciated.

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  2. ackvil

    ackvil Moderator Contributor

    Great job, Dave. Got a kick out of the battle. However, the interview of Wendy was special. Learning how she started and overcame so many hardships showed how special a person she was. Your tribute to her was wonderful.
  3. skypsyd

    skypsyd Steward Contributor

    Thanks Jim, It was a special interview, we ended up talking for about another hour, after the interview, she is an amazing person, and the revelations about Sue were so heartfelt. I hope everyone enjoys it.
  4. cvargo

    cvargo Steward Contributor

    What a great interview!
  5. CBLindsay

    CBLindsay Contributor

    Great job Dave. I know this one took you a VERY long time to put together. I think you certainly deserve a lot of credit for recognizing the positive effect of combining Tabac and the Veg, you and your nose have a knack for frags. The Tabacaveg campaign of 2016 would not have been as fun had [MENTION=75490]imatabor[/MENTION] not been SO, SO skilled in his delivery of pictorial protestations of the Veg (and to a lesser extent Tabac). Imatabor's ability to elicit a spit-take using his spoiler hidden GIF's and photo's is second only to your ability to voice "the resistance". All this time I thought the pinkyless state was a Bingo accident, little did I know it was a result of his anti-vegelist activities.

    I cant wait until episode 2 "TabacaVeg and the lost ARKO" ...or is it "TabacaVeg and the Holy Grail of Williams MUG Soap" . I am sure there is a joke somewhere ..."Tabac, the Veg, Arko and Williams walk into a bar..."

    If anyone is interested in my TABACAVEG campaign they can find a recap in my journal here .
  6. Brilliant! :thumbup:
  7. skypsyd

    skypsyd Steward Contributor

    Thanks Chad, and thanks for listening!

    Thanks Chris.... wheels turning, I like Tabacaveg and the Lost Arko, LOL and you were correct on the pinky. [MENTION=75490]imatabor[/MENTION] had been the Bingo caller of one of the B&B official games , and it so devious in the way he made us search his forum, that [MENTION=29515]TheVez2[/MENTION] and myself took one of KJ's Jets to Maine and removed a pinky in vengeance,. another plot line, LOL

    Thanks Shaun and for your continued Listenership!
  8. Graybeard57

    Graybeard57 Steward Contributor

    Enjoyable interview and video. Go to youtube and like it! :thumbup1:
  9. skypsyd

    skypsyd Steward Contributor

    Thanks Bruce!!
  10. clyde72

    clyde72 Contributor

    @skypsyd another great show. I'll have to check out the tales of the Tabacaveg. I haven't gotten to using my Tabac soap yet. I got to try The Veg during the "After Shave Pass Around Box". I was neither chosen nor reject by The Veg. I'm like it's okay, I'd probably use it if I was gifted some, but I probably will not be purchasing any at this time. I'll give it another go in the future and see if anything has changed.
    Great interview with Wendy!! :thumbup1:
    I've got to get some of the St. Charles Shaves soaps and after shaves to test out. Like I need another soap or AS to test. But as a C.E.C. Operative I will muster on! :wink2:
  11. Smattayu

    Smattayu Contributor

    Great show, and the best interview yet. Excellent work Dave. :thumbup:
  12. TheVez2

    TheVez2 Contributor

    Great episode! And great work as always putting it together.
  13. skypsyd

    skypsyd Steward Contributor

    Thanks Craig, Try mixing them you will be pleasantly Surprised, thanks for watching

    Thanks Eric

    Thanks KJ, Much appreciated
  14. Great interview with Wendy. The Tony Esposito she mentioned early in the interview, that isn't the Tony O from Blackhawks' fame?.
  15. skypsyd

    skypsyd Steward Contributor

    Thanks for listening Bruce, and no I do not think so
  16. Wendy

    Wendy Vendor

    No, Tony is just a everyday shave freak. He used to wonder these forums back in the early B&B days, (maybe still does). He went through about a year of testing with my Mom until she finally nailed her first shave soap. I wish my previous work pc wasn't taken for ransom, there was a lot of funny communications between the two of them. She had a file with notes from every change and new batch she made and sent out, the amount of "big thumbs down" or "Sue that was awful" were plentiful for the first 8 months or so, until they started going in the neutral thumb position, to finally a thumbs up. I am happy she stuck with it, I don't think I would have been as patient. But as many of the mods and members that helped her with testing of many other products, it was hard to get her to quit.
  17. skypsyd

    skypsyd Steward Contributor

    Ahh, the Star of the Show Stopping By!!!. Thanks [MENTION=4193]Wendy[/MENTION] for clearing that up, and thank once again for the Interview and being a part of B&B
  18. alex2363

    alex2363 Contributor

    What will be the outcome...............:laugh:
  19. alex2363

    alex2363 Contributor

    That was some great video production
  20. alex2363

    alex2363 Contributor


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