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  1. [imga=left]http://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/media/20241/full[/imga]
    B&B Custom Watch! ORDER YOURS NOW
    1.) 43mm case
    2.) Swiss ETA 6497 Manual Movement
    3.) Sapphire Crystal Face
    4.) Blued hour/minute hands
    5.) Sub-dial seconds w/red second hand
    6.) Individually serial #'ed 1-100
    7.) B&B Badger head logo on the crown
    8.) Assembled in the USA
    9.) Ostrich Pattern Strap

    This watch is only $288, $12 shipping domestically, $35 internationally, order now as only 100 will be made. To reserve,click here.
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  2. I'm in!
  3. After a bumpy road with Xcart, I'm in for one as well. :thumbup1:
  4. wish it were bigger though...
  5. ordered mine. hope I get #13!!!!!:w00t:
  6. Got mine!
  7. Okay, so when is your credit card hit for one of these? Immediately or do you pay in 3 months when they're ready?
  8. Good question, Kevan...I wondered that, too. Other B&B items I have ordered were charged when the initial "store" purchase was made. I'm interested in a watch....everything I read about Bernhardt watches is positive.
  9. Austin

    Austin Moderator Emeritus

    The watchmaker is prepaid due to material acquisition, etc.
  10. Man, I wish!
    This watch looks pretty sweet. Love the custom choices and sounds like a nice piece. Enjoy it all!
    Sometimes being a teacher with his own kids sucks...but then I get off the computer and get back to it and forget the things I wish I could have and it's all good again. I hope you all have a blessed Easter!:thumbup1:
  11. Would somebody please help me with the ordering process. Do I order the watch itself or a gift certificate? Do I use PayPal or some other method? I apologize if this seems like adumb question, but I can't seem to get through the process.
  12. Austin

    Austin Moderator Emeritus

    Follow the link in the first post. Add your quantity to the cart and check out.
  13. Thanks Andrew, I guess I'm confused if I am supposed to buy a gift certificate, or just check out using PayPal? But I think my order went through.
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  14. Austin

    Austin Moderator Emeritus

    Check out using Paypal.
  15. Ordered! Even though my wife says that I'm buying watches "all the time" (three watches in 6 years) :001_smile
  16. Pictures?!?!!
  17. I'm getting pretty excited about this watch. :001_smile
  18. Just doing a little research. I believe I have a Swiss Army watch with the same ETA Movement. If so, this will be a phenominal watch. The movement is very tough, has a good power reserve, and is about as accurate as my Omega Seamaster--which is to say very accurte. This is a very good deal.
  19. Is there any estimate on the accuracy of these kind of watches? This will be my first manual and I have no idea on how good they usually are.
  20. Austin

    Austin Moderator Emeritus

    It is a very accurate movement. It's not a chronometer but very accurate. Here is some more information.


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