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Discussion in 'The Brown Leaf' started by Commander Quan, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Everyone should have the LE pipes in their hands soon, so I've decided to make it extra special for someone. I used a random number generator to pick a number between 1-30 After you get your pipe post which numbered pipe you received. After everyone posts, I'll send the winner out a little somethin' somethin'.
  2. Nice idea! I can't stop looking at the photo in the other thread with all the pipes.
  3. Argonaut

    Argonaut Moderator Emeritus

  4. Oh nice idea! Thanks Derrick!
  5. Thanks. Guess this means there ware thirty of us lucky soles ;~)
  6. jwhite

    jwhite Moderator Emeritus

    29 counting the extra but the first 28 are stamped xx/28 the first 14 were completed and boxed before the extra was sold. Didn't want Mark to take a loss on a perfectly good pipe and wanted to keep all of them that were made 'in the family' as it were. So talking it over with the buyer of that last one we're having it numbered 29/28.
  7. I have 1-29, game over - I win! JK - I love the idea of this lottery. Best wishes to the winner!
  8. 29/28 is awesome!

    The number randomly generated was not 30 so everyone's got a chance.
  9. Since I already know my number for the lottery......29/28. Sweet lottery Derrick.
  10. geez. sometimes it would be great if everyone could meet in one place. this is a cool group.
  11. All 30 of use with our LE pipes. That would be awesome.
  12. I just received pipe 9/28 as stamped on it.
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  13. jwhite

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    That's a twenty eight Red, sometimes the stamps fade on one side
  14. Edited, thanks.

    Torture having it sitting on desk.

  15. Numbers 12 and 13 are in the house!! Gorgeous!
  16. I say this with great affection: I hate you guys!
  17. I heard this in Eric Cartman's voice.
  18. I forgot to mention, anyone that gets their pipe before me is disqualified! :a11:
  19. Price

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    Since three pipes made it to Indiana today (and yet somehow, not Illinois)...I have the feeling tomorrow is going to be a very good day.
  20. I4/28, just got it today!

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