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    The Badger & Blade Limited Edition 2009 - ORDER NOW - ONE WEEK LEFT!

    This will be a one time, limited edition run made by Kent of England. This brush will surely become a collectable due to its sumptuous curves, limited exclusivity, and its luxurious triple stuffed 22mm silvertip knot with a 45mm loft seated on top of a super comfortable 60mm handle. The handle will be in your choice of butterscotch or ebony color and will bear the same markings as last year - the Kent logo, as well as the Badger & Blade Limited Edition 2009 on the back.

    The brush this year based on the number of fellas who had expressed interest should be less expensive - which is quite a feat considering this brush has a larger, denser knot. WITH import fee's (last year if you recall those were an extra unexpected cost) these will come in at $135 a brush, versus last years $144, so almost $10 less, for a larger brush - AWESOME!

    How to start the order process for the 2009 Badger & Blade Limited Edition Brush:

    1. Determine how many total brushes you want to order. Multiply that number by $135. If you live in California, multiply your sub-total by 1.0925 (to cover sales tax). Add $10 for continental shipping, $30 for international shipping. Shipping domestically will be via FEDEX - international will be via USPS.
    2. Go to the shopping cart and add a gift certificate for the total you determined in step 1 to your shopping cart. (here)
    3. While you're in the shopping cart, specify how many of each type of brush you'd like by adding the appropriate quantity of 'LE Reservation' items to your cart (Butterscotch / Ebony). Make sure to specify appropriate quantities for each type. Make sure to put $0 for the price. If you skip this step, we'll take a guess at what type of brush we should order you. :wink2:
    4. Double-check your shopping cart, and if everything is correct, proceed to checkout through Paypal.
    5. What to do once you have your certificate? Pay attention to the forums, once the brushes are in our hands, ready to ship to you, we'll make an announcement on the front page, at which time you'll redeem the gift certificate you purchased (which you'll receive by email) and then...
    6. Settle in for the long haul. They need to be handmade individually, the stamp for the labeling will need to be made, the hair and the butterscotch will need to be special ordered, etc. It will likely take four months from now, possibly even longer before you see your brush(es).

    For step-by-step instructions with screenshots, click here.

    Some tips/guidelines/things to note:

    • Please ensure the accuracy of your order. There's no guarantee we'll be able to handle any changes or cancellations after you place it.
    • Due to the nature of this group buy, we cannot accomodate special requests.
    • Paypal is the only method of payment.
    • Please bear with us, as this is a lengthy process. If you're purchasing internationally, be prepared to have this process take significantly longer. This buy was almost limited to continental US orders due to the additional hassle of handling international orders.
    • These brushes will NOT ship before Christmas; however, we hope to have certificates available to be given in lieu of the brush as a present.

    For more information on the brush, and pictures on the brush in action, as well as it compared to other brushes - see this thread.
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  2. Phog Allen

    Phog Allen Contributor

    Okay guys, great to get this rolling. One issue. When I went to the checkout and added "$0" to the price, the proceed to checkout would not work. It told me I needed a minimum $10 in the cart to proceed? Did I miss something guys? Likely because I miss stuff all the time.

    Regards, Todd

    Added; One thing I forgot. Do you have to create a shopping cart login before you can proceed? It did not tell me this but I wondered. I really hope I didn't flub someting simple.
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  3. You say, "FOUR WEEKS LEFT," so does that mean that orders may be placed between now and Dec 13? If there is a specific cutoff date, it might be useful to include that date in the post.
  4. mdunn

    mdunn Moderator Emeritus

    you need to buy the gift certificate (for $135 + shipping) as well
  5. Oh man..$135 seems like a really nice price for such a nice brush. I am so very tempted, but it is still $135. I haven't bought any shaving stuff that was that expensive before.

    What are the chances that an LE won't be available in the coming years?
  6. Ordered! Time to settle in for the long wait. Hey, it's almost spring! :001_tt2:

    Thanks, guys. Can't wait to use my new brush!
  7. It says I got the gift certificate, but it didn't take me to PP to actually pay! Now what?

    Figured it out--still heavily medicated, (used spell check)

    I'm ready to wait, like a kid on Christmas eve. I hate to buy a brush! But I actually need a new "soap" brush. Still don't get how the gift cert will work, but I got it!

    Thanks for all your hard work
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  8. I'm not going to wait till the last minute on this as I did with the 2008 LE. The 08 is a great brush and so happy I got it and used it almost everyday since. My only problem is which one. Is the butterscotch marbleized or solid?
  9. Solid.
  10. It's not a firm date - it's generally "four weeks." If at two or three weeks the orders slump off and they're sporadic - we'll send out a 72 hour last call, and get the train moving. If you want one, i'd suggest jumping on in within the next two weeks. :smile1:
  11. Thanks for your efforts Joel and crew. Looks great!

  12. Is there a color sample of the Butterscotch anywhere?
  13. Is it $30 shipping to Canada as well?

  14. Last year when the brushes arrived you were asked to actually purchase your brush and submit shipping information. It is at this time you will apply payment using your pre paid gift certificate.

    Correct me if I am wrong guys.
  15. Joel,

    Thank you for organizing this group buy. We all look forward to getting our hands (and faces) on these brushes!
  16. I'm assuming "continental" means continental US, but it didn't say that - I just want to make sure since Canada is on the same continent.
    /Want to reserve with the right amount of money.
  17. Ah, gotcha. I plan on placing my order at the end of November, so I should be all right, then. :thumbup1:
  18. Canada = international = $30. It's expensive and it's not ideal - but we took it in the shorts last year big time - as depending on where you are in Canada, FEDEX rates can be drastically different and it would have been too much of a hassle to go back and contact everyone (we're not a shop/vendor, and our shopping cart software sucks and it would have taken eon's). When they were substantially more than anticipated, we ended up paying out of pocket.

    This year we weren't going to do ANY international shipping at all - as filling out all the forms, etc is a nightmare - but we decided if we did it with a flat rate, it would make things easy enough for us that we'd give it a whack this year. Some folks will pay more than the cost of shipping - others will pay less (shipping to some countries we sent brushes to was in the $50 range last year). If there's any $ left over from the shipping monies collected from international orders, 100% of it will go towards monthly recurring server costs for B&B.

    If you fellas can get enough folks in your country together (Canada, UK, etc) we're more than happy to do figure out the cost of shipments of large quantities of brushes to one person (less shipping cost) and that person can disseminate them out to you guys. Three catches with that though, 1.) It would take longer for you to get your brush (has to ship twice) 2.) It might end up not saving all that much $ (bulk shipping charge and individual shipping charge) 3.) We're not responsible for them once they reach the location to the fella distributing them. IE: if he vanishes and we never hear from him again - everyone who had a brush sent to him is hosed.

    Before the inevitable question pops up - the manufacturer will not ship them to individuals, only in one bulk order - so while it makes no sense to have them made in England, shipped to the US, then shipped back to England for our members from the UK, it's unfortunately an unavoidable process.

    Hope this helps...
  19. I hesitated on the '08, then cheesed out. I didn't want to miss out on these also, so I bit the bullet and placed the order.
  20. Not to put too fine a point upon it, but you're wrong.

    Last year it was the same deal. A gift certificate was purchased up front & then redeemed when the brushes arrived.

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