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Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by Lamboy, Mar 31, 2013.

Census of How old we are at B&B

  1. 70s

  2. 60s

  3. 50s

  4. 40s

  5. 30s

  6. 20s

  7. Teens

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  1. So I have seen this done on other forums and I was curious what out group looks like in difference by age. I looked around for a similar thread, but failed to find one or I am just bad at searching. Might be fun to see where we all stand.

    Essentially vote in the poll as well as leaving some info about how long you have been DE or Straight razor shaving.
  2. 33 and DE shaving for a little more than one year.
  3. Kinda weird how the 20's line up wit the 50's. now when I was 20 I didn't care what I shaved with or even if I shaved. I am so glad that there are so many new guys keeping wet shaving alive.
  4. 33 straight razor shaving for more than 2 years
  5. 35, been shaving with a DE for around a year and a half.
  6. 70. Started shaving with a DE (that, SE and straights is all there was back then). Took a detour into carts when they came out. Back to a DE about 3 years ago. Been using soap and badger for over 45 years, though.
  7. Oh no! Am I really on the downhill side of the curve? But I just got started a few years ago...
  8. ackvil

    ackvil Moderator Contributor

    71 and been DE shaving for 57 years and SE shaving for two years.
  9. 30 here
  10. 56, always disliked canned shaving cream. Started brush and mug about 20 years ago.
    a couple of years ago the sensor blades at the store were locked up.
    remembered my grandfathers Tuckaway in the attic, picked up double edge blades at the store that were not locked up.
    fun flirting with old ladies at antique stores, now it's fun.
    hopeing to find a lather catcher is fun.
  11. 20, been wanting to do it since I was probably 16~17 when I ran into the Art of Manliness
  12. 43, and I started traditional wet shaving in May of 2010 with a DE and switched to straights in May of 2011.
  13. 33, switched from cartridges from DE earlier this month. I just converted my dad to DE today; he's 66.
  14. 49, about six months in to DE shaving.
  15. 47 and 6 weeks DE shaving.
  16. 35 on Thursday.
  17. I'll be 31 in July. I've been shaving with a DE since Christmas Day.
  18. 44, switched from carts and foam about October 2012
  19. 32 and just started DE shaving after enduring 20 years of cartridges and canned goo.
  20. Funny thing is, at first I thought the thread was about makeup....

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