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  1. Within the last few months I've been moving more toward the water soluable pomades. Don't get me wrong, nothing I've tried so far out performs the combination of Original Murray's & Murray's Super Light. But for the sake of saving my pillowcases I've been trying a few different varieties of water soluables with varying degrees of satisfaction.

    The front runner so far has been the Layrite, but being that I was on the verge of running out with my new order not due to arrive for a couple days, I picked up the Axe Clean Cut Pomade. I picked it up at the local Safeway for $5+ for just shy of 3 oz. The smell was very clean & nice & had a feel similar to the consistancy of the original Layrite.

    I just finished the tub today & have to say I'm very impressed. It seems to hold the same as original Layrite but actually has more shine, which is a major plus for me. The Axe is markedly cheaper than Layrite's $15 for 4oz and is available everywhere. Too bad it's not as "cool" as the Layrite because it's Axe and not some trendy niche product with a cool graphic on the label. I really like the Axe Pomade product & will continue to keep it around. If they made a product that held more like Layrite Super Hold but with more shine, I May have to just choose a new favorite water sol product.

  2. Sounds good. I like the American Crew products, but cannot bring myself to pay full price for them. I might have to break down and try Axe. I've been stearing clear of them for the most part.
  3. I've settled on Axe hair "gels" as well. I've tried all 4 and they all work well. My personal favorite is the putty but all work equally well. My barber uses the Axe putty as well.
  4. Saw this at the local drug store. I was reading about the Groom & Clean being discontinued by WalMart and panic srt in. This stuff any good - can find reviews?
  5. I started using the Axe Messy Look Paste a few weeks ago. I used to use the American Crew products but really like the Axe.

    I had run out of the American Crew paste and picked up the Axe stuff at a grocery store(!) for about $5.

    It's got decent hold but still looks natural, which is just what I wanted.
  6. I use the Axe pomade. It really is a great product.
  7. I use the Clean Cut pomade and really like what it does to my hair. My hair stays where I put it but feels normal and looks healthy. It resets easily as well if my motorcycle helmet puts any strands astray.
  8. My son uses Axe products (body spray, body wash, etc..) and I can't stand the stuff. IMO, it stinks to high heaven.

    But...I have been experimenting with different hair goops, I have used gels for the last 20 years with varied results, but even the best did not last the day, and the worst did not last the day plus they left my hair feeling sticky and unpleasant.

    I tried Brylcreem, based upon the threads here on B&B, but liked neither the smell nor the way it left my hair looking greasy.

    I saw the Axe pomades at Wal-Mart, and after obtaining "scent-approval" from SWMBO, took a chance on it.

    I am sold. It works great, looks great, and the scent is non-existent after a few minutes (or at least so light that it isn't offensive).

    and because I like the wet look, I plan to pick up a tub of the Smooth and Sophisticated Shiny stuff, too.

    I will also pick up a tub of American Classic from Sally's soon (another B&B recommendation)
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  9. I also used Axe pomade for a bit when I first started wearing a crew cut. It performed well and the scent vanished quickly. I could run my hands through my hair and not have them come away greasy. But, something in their irritated the heck out of my scalp. Now, I have a longer H and T and use only alum block or nothing in my hair.
  10. I've been using the Axe Pomade and like it. I also like the American Crew pomade, but agree with you on the price. You might want to also try Walgreens generic pomade. It works every bit as well as AC but at about 1/2 the cost.

    I've actually switched back to using Jeris tonic and a touch of clubman green gel.
  11. Layrite is way overrated. Its super-expensive and it doesnt even hold that well. Sure it smells good (vanilla-ish), but the Hawleywood guys are full of themselves (seriously, their reviews on YELP are spot on. Ego's abound).

    For more cheaper options of a water soluble pomade check out these:

    1. Lucky 13 Juniors Water Pomade - Holds great and has a funky coconut-ish type scent. Holds great. Only about $8.00.

    Or the even better

    2. Suavecito Pomade - Holds like layrite, but slightly better. Plus it has some cool Bay-Rum-Sugar Cane Coca Cola scent to it. Only $10, when you buy 3 its only $9. (check out my review on it).

    Good luck you water pomade greasers.. im off to ruin some Pillowcases with my pomp. :thumbup1:
  12. So what kinda stuff you using Chairman Nemo?? I use the water ones some times for work but when I want it up high i go to the real stuff
  13. If its a hardcore grease.. you name it. I've tried it. But the best ones I have found are made here locally in AZ (but you can buy online).

    Its called HIGH LIFE POMADE.

    Great Stuff and it smells awesome (vanilla/coconut). It has a different feel from others I have tried (Murrays, Sweet Georgia, Dapper Dan, American Greaser, Dax, Tres Flores, Black&White Pluko, etc.... *sigh:glare:* the list goes on for much longer), which is probably due to the EMU OIL they use. I normally only use the "light" when going out and use water based stuff for work.

    But if you want a super hardcore hold? You gotta go with their Voodoo Brew. Holds like mug, but easier than murrays to apply. Plus its dark so those icky pomade flakes dont show up if you have dark hair. :blink:
  14. Thanks dude... I tried some of the Voodoo once at a car show.. it held pretty decent course I was trying everything else too.. yeah wantin some heavy for hold... I usually put a good coat of light stuff on top of it to get the hard core greaser shine... was using AGS 90 weight but ready to try different and my girl friend has banned me from using Royal Crown- she hates the smell and all the grease marks on all the furniture!
  15. I was using Murray's for a while. I found that Axe Primed Just Clean shampoo got the Murray's out of my hair no problem. I did want something more malleable (heating the Murray's up was a hassle, I'd rather spend the time heating my lather). I went for the Axe Shine Pomade, having used the Clean Cut and wanting something less sticky.

    The Shine Pomade is very malleable, water soluble, and the finish isn't too stiff. That said, it doesn't hold like Murray's, but since I'm going for a longer hairstyle, my hair outgrew the utility of Murray's. No flaking, either. Doesn't get sticky from sweat when I go out or when I go to the gym after work.

    I dislike the association with the Axe brand, but their hair products (shampoo, conditioner and styling) are the best I've used out of many.
  16. The Axe pomade is pretty good stuff. I can't stand their marketing techniques on TV though. I love the American Crew pomade. It may be pricey(only wear Friday and Saturday nights) but it smells so great. Why are pomades so pricey? Even the Axe, I can only find it for around 7 bucks.
  17. I only use pomade in summer, when I let my hair grow to the pompadour style. In winter I surf a lot and don't wanna have lots of cold water in my head :001_rolle

    I've tried many pomades and I've been left with the impression that Black&White's by far the best if you don't have to wash up everyday.

    Otherwise, good old Pinaud Clubman does it for everyday use.
  18. Agreed, I tried their pomade first and didn't like it but the messy paste is much better in my opinion.
  19. I've been using the American Crew medium hold/medium shine pomade for a couple months now, and it's alright but a little stiff. Before that, I was wearing my hair a little shorter and used Axe Spiked Up Look putty. It's alright, but it's very sticky, and I don't much care for the smell. I'd really like to find something with the same hold as the American Crew but with a little more flexibility, and definitely water-soluble -- I'm sure my wife wouldn't appreciate grease stains on the pillowcases. Of course, from what I can tell, the trade-off is generally hold vs. flexibility, so maybe I'm hunting a unicorn.
  20. Not to be off topic, but I'm sold on the Axe Shampoo "Primed" (Just Clean).

    Great stuff; my last 2 haircuts were done in 2 different salons, and people who cut my hair both thought I was using an expensive salon brand shampoo

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