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  1. So while in the walmart shave section looking for some blades, I saw axe had some cartridge shavers. Maybe they have been out for a while, I dunno never seen them before, but my reaction was what the heck? Axe now makes razors?? Went home and did a little research and some of the review werent so bad. Just wondering if any of you guys have tried them out, I dont plan on wasting my money on them anytime soon, but still, just curious
  2. I looked for them online, the ones I found were rebranded Schick. Are these what you saw?
  3. $axe_schick_razor_01.jpg Here is just one of them... yeah i guess Schick is making them? They even have electric shavers! The whole line can be found here
  4. Do they smell like overzealous teenagers????......I have some Axe aftershave so I can't say too much I suppose...
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    My first thought when I saw them was "what!?. this Axe thing is getting out of hand" and i kept walking.
  6. wait..they do say "smooth" on them..maybe they are that good...:lol:
  7. Just read an article on this the other day, nothing more than a rebrand to try and hook potential new shavers who want to be cool...
  8. Pretty much a Schick extreme 3 with an Axe promotion. Schick, thinking it is clever, thinks Axe is going to make people want to by their razors because of sexy women in Axe commercials. Unfortunately for the young people in America, this gimmick WILL produce results. "Get sexy women like what you see on the TV Axe commercials when you shave with this....". Many are silly enough to fall for it. Schick pays Axe some certain % of each unit sold. I saw that the other day in WAL_Mart as I was in picking up more VDH and I just chuckled to myself. STILL $2.00 per cartridge. Still razor burn. Still irritation. Still not quite BBS.
  9. I thought the same thing.
  10. They also sell an Axe branded electric razor made by Norelco.
  11. Hey don't knock the Teenager-type smell people associate with those smells good.
  12. well i just bout a pack of 4 cartridges for 5 bucks and gonna wet shave with it wish me luck
  13. Well maybe its just me, but a razor named Axe does not conjur up images of a effortless comfortable shave in my mind. Kinda like those Shark razor blades I have never been brave enough to try. :scared:

    I don't think some of these modern day marketing people are using their noodle. "Hey buddy, wanna try out our new Meat Clever Razor? It uses the new man eating Piranna blades and you can follow it up a splash of our Beltsander brand habanaro aftershave".
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    funny you should bring this thread up.
    I found a coupon a few months ago and bought one.
    Not afraid to say I got several great shaves from it. Paired with some Barbasol.
    My first thought was wrong. Glad I bought it. It was cheap so why not.
  15. All they've done is use the Schick Hydro 5 and 3, pairing them with a new handle.
  16. I think they are only sold in the USA, and are made by Schick. Probably the association with AXE is meant to put a dent in Gillette's sales.

    Tough task, I think!
  17. In the UK, Axe is branded 'Lynx', and I remember that Lynx had a 3-bladed cartridge razor on the market for a brief period, back in 2000-2001-ish. It looked a little diffent to the one in the picture above, and had some flashy name, which now escapes me!

    It was the first non-disposable razor that I owned. I bought it when I was about 14 (I'm now 27) and recall that it seemed to disappear from shops very shortly after that. Perhaps that gave me some kind of manufacturer abandonment issues, which would explain the AD that I suffer from today...
  18. [​IMG]

    I would totally try Piranha blades and Beltsander brand aftershave, especially if Beltsander smells like the overheated wood dust that comes from a belt sander.

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