Avon Collectors Activate! For sell or Trade.

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  1. Here is a collection for the serious Avon Decanter collector. I'm not into Avon to be honest, but I felt the deal was too good to be true, and the variety is awesome! Many of these, I have never seen before. Many of them have aftershave still in them, but the honorary mentions are The Viking Ship in box that is full with Wild Country (never even opened), same with the Arctic King in box with Everest Aftershave, the Weather Vane in box with Wild Country, the Sweet Dreams in box is about 80% with Zany Cologne, and the 1973 Ford Ranger Pickup is about 3/4 full of Wild Country. Please note that the tobacco pipe decanter and small horse are missing the Avon Aftershave identifier tags on the bottom.

    I am looking to sell the whole collection for $50.00 CONUS, you pay shipping. I'm not sure of the shipping cost, but it will be a USPS Flat Rate and I will be honest with the price.

    If you want to do a trade, I enjoy Alt Innsbruck and I would love to try some interesting aftershave, shaving creams and tallow-based soaps. Let me know in detail what you have to trade, and as of now, I really don't want to part out the collection. Thanks guys!

    $photo.jpg $photo(1).jpg $photo(3).jpg $photo(4).jpg $photo(5).jpg
  2. That boat is awesome!
  3. As a kid , This posting brought back Memories, Especially that Boat :eek:)
  4. With that being said, I am happy! I could care less if I sell it or not, it's always nice to bring back memories for someone. :thumbup:
  5. I collected these as a kid. I'd get one or two every year for Christmas.

    Actually, what started it was the taller horsehead one that you have. I still have mine, plus a dog in brown glass.

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