Australian Traveling Box No.5!

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  1. :001_tt1:

    Ladies and Gentleman of Australia,

    The time has come to register your interest for the fifth installment of the great Australian Traveling box! See here for the previous installment and to get an idea of the awesomeness of the box:

    Obviously the box will feature a blend of the popular stuff from last time as well as a bunch of new stuff to keep it fresh. The box is a great way for you to try an assortment of blades, creams, soaps and aftershaves without actually purchasing every item.

    Same rules apply as last time:

    THE RULES (as plagiarised from Round 3 – Thanks Luc!)

    1. For the sake of simplicity, the box is available to participants in Australia only at this point in time.
    2. Same rules as BS/T applies – minimum of 50 posts and membership for 45 days at the closure date.
    3. Participants will need to provide their address and a contact number to the facilitator (me)
    4. The sender is responsible for cleaning the items before sending the box and the receiver is responsible for sanitising the items upon receipt.
    5. The box can be kept for 1 week, please do not exceed 2 weeks.
    6. You are allowed to take out 1 item to keep if you really love it, providing there are no reserved items (That’s how I got me an arko stick!).
    7. Keep the items shaving related and make sure your contribution is worthy – ask yourself, ‘If a stranger gave me this, would I use it?’ If yes, go ahead!
    8. Don’t contribute to the box hoping your item will remain there for ever.
    9. Post when you have received the box and your impression/comments for the products within – we want to hear your opinions!
    10. When you have finished, PM the next recipient to ensure they are ready to receive the box.
    11. The box is to be posted with a tracking number/express post at all times and that number is to be posted in this thread.
    12. Please keep the weight of the box to 3kg or under to keep shipping costs down.
    13. Any problems, PM me.

    If you accept these terms and want to participate, please post ‘COUNT ME IN’ in this thread. I will keep this going for two weeks, finalise a list of participants and then send the box on its way!

    If you have any questions, donations to kick off the box, or requests, please post away! :001_smile

    List of participants:

    Dr Berko
    BJH618 (me) - Currently has the box
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  2. I'm in, can't wait - COUNT ME IN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I've got some stuff to contribute as discussed - we will have to catch up.
  3. Luc

    Luc Moderator Emeritus

  4. djh

    djh Moderator

    I think awesome is the word! :wink2:
  5. ‘COUNT ME IN’

    I have been looking forward to this!

  6. @Mark - No worries mate, it should be another good round! I've got one more move to endure (out to the 'burbs) then I should be good to go.

    @Luc and David, It is indeed awesome, but the question you need to ask is it awesome enough to jump on a plane for... :lol:
  7. Luc

    Luc Moderator Emeritus

    That's a difficult one... If I do jump on the plane, I'll make sure I bring back some stuff!
  8. COUNT ME!!! Have you an idea of items list yet??
  9. Excellent PIF!
  10. Nothing specific as some people don't like to know what is coming, but I'd say that it will be a combo of the major/unique products from round 4 with new editions for round 5. I've got some interesting stuff to kick it off, and I've spoken to a couple of other members who have some exciting software to add in when it swings round to them.

    In general the box tends to be a mix of the popular/rare, cheaper/more expensive, old school/new school so everyone finds something they haven't tried.
  11. Cool Can't wait!!
  12. It doesn't matter - there is sure to be something that excites!
  13. Count me in!! Ive been waiting a bloody ages for this! Any idea how much the cost of posting the box actually is?!
  14. It will depend on the box and contents - last time it was around $15 from memory
  15. COUNT ME IN!!!

    It's not long since I last had the box, but even if it arrived again tomorrow I'd be excited to try out the stuff in it. Hopefully it will be a little while before me so I can read reviews first though.

    Traveling box FTW :)
  16. @Nosedog - No worries mate, you should be ok. I've got enough new stuff to drop in there to keep everyone interested! Good to see a few 'box veterans' (that sounds a bit off...) returning for another round!
  17. I'll throw my hat in. I've got a great product in mind to add to the box.

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  18. Anybody else?? I'm going to be sending this out in a week or so gents so get on board!
  19. djh

    djh Moderator

    Good luck with it all Brendan. If you have time to wait for a couple of extra days, I can probably find you some shave software to toss in the box. Shoot me a PM if you would like to.
  20. Thanks David, a generous offer as always!

    Gents, if anyone is sitting on the fence, let me assure you this round is shaping up to be pretty interesting....

    So far (in no order) we have:

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