August 2, 2010 through August 8, 2010

Discussion in 'Shave of the Day!' started by SliceOfLife, Aug 1, 2010.

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  1. Century Butterscotched Ivory with Vulfix 23mm Super knot / Homemade Cedar&Sandalwood Soap / Atlantic Cutlery hollow grind in bone scales finished on vintage Thuri and stropped on Ambrose Classico Strop / Old Spice AS
  2. 2010.VIII.02

    Merkur 45 w/ Wilkinson ├ęconomie (2)
    Vulfix faux horn boar
    Tabac SS
    Alt Innsbruck


  3. Micromatic - Gem - Shea Moisture - Proraso - Proraso AS
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    • Erik Anton Berg 5/8 full hollow
    • TGN Finest
    • Speick soap
    • Speick AS
    • 444
    • Trumper's Wellington cologne

    Great way to start the week!

    Have a nice Monday, gentlemen :thumbsup:
  4. Very nice, Chris :thumbup1:
  5. shm


    Nice gear, looks like you're having a good start to the week :biggrin1:

    Great pic, and the Vulfix almost look like it is vintage :thumbup1:

    Beautiful :thumbup:
  6. shm



    Semogue 1520
    Gillette Tech with Gillette 7 o'clock SharpEdge

    La Toja Stick
    Floid Suave Aftershave (Spanish)

    Have a nice Monday, Gentlemen :001_smile

  7. Thanks! :biggrin1:

    Great pic! (as usual) :thumbup1:
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  8. Frankensoap
    Omega Boar
    Ever-Ready 1914
    Treet Blade (2)

    A really good DFS today. The odds and ends in the Frankensoap tub came through.
  9. [​IMG]
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  10. Rooney 3/1 Super | TOBS Lavender SC | Merkur 23C | Feather | Thayers Lavender WH | Atkinson's English Lavender
  11. 1938 Fat Handle Tech
    Vintage Schick Plus Platinum blade
    Tabac soap
    Vintage Ever-Ready 100 brush
    Aqua Velva

    Haven't used a Tech in weeks, forgot what a great shaver it is.

  12. beginish

    beginish Moderator


    Trumpers Coral Skin Food as Pre-Shave
    Simpson 57 in Best
    AoS Lavender Soap
    Mergress with a Feather
    CF Lavender ASB
  13. Penworks Finest (22mm)
    SCS Town & Country
    Henckels 50
    Old Spice AS
    W&S ASB
  14. Single Ring
    7 O'Clock Green Super Stainless
    ODS Sandlewood SS
    Omega Boar
    Skin Bracer AS
  15. mdevine

    mdevine Moderator Contributor

    C & E Sienna SS
    Wee Scot
    HD Rocket/ Crystal
    Dickensen's WH
    TOBS luxury herbal ASB
    Sienna cologne
  16. EJ Loxley w/Derby
    Rooney 3/1 Pure
    MWF soap
    Alt-inn AS

    Scent- Nautica Latitude/Longitude
  17. professorchaos

    professorchaos Moderator Emeritus

  18. Gem Clog Pruf Micromatic with Pella Gem (3)
    Semogue 1250 Boar
    Prairie Creations Old Spice SS
    SCS Blue Line Menthol AS

  19. [​IMG]

    Gillette Rocket / Gillette 7 o'clock SuperPlatinum
    Rooney Style 1 medium best badger

    Edwin Jagger Sea Buckthorn soap
    Denim aftershave splash
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