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  1. Just saw Stan from Above the Tie posted in the vendor section that the Atlas Razor is available for preorder. I think I am in love:001_wub::001_tt1::001_wub:
  2. Wowzers! That's quite the handsome handle :drool:.
  3. Very nice
  4. What's the difference between this and Titan?
    And what are the diff between Atlas m1, r1, h1?
  5. clk


    I feel a hole burning in my pocket!
  6. The difference between the Atlas and the Titan is the handle. The Atlas has a shorter Barber Pole Bulldog like handle, the Titan has a longer Knurled handle.

    The difference between the H1, R1 and M1 is the aggressiveness;

    H1= Most Aggressive
    R1= Moderate to Average Aggression
    M1= Mild
  7. Nice thing to rate the aggressiveness levels, but still too expensive for me.
  8. It is good to see some other participants in the high end DE razor market.
  9. Very nice looking.
  10. I love my Titan H1 and the knurling on that Atlas is to die for. I look forward to some comparitive reviews of the new base plates. Wonder if there are any plans to have them tested for feedback by some of the original H1 testers? Could be good feedback.
  11. Judging by the number of H1's that have been sold recently im sure many of those owners were doing it so that they could get the new model. I think there will be a lot of comparisons out there once the new models ship out!
  12. I got mine first thing this morning! I already have the Titan but I got the atlas 5 piece set so I can have 2 caps I cant wait!!!
  13. Yowzersssss, I would say $349.00 is more Reasonable. The price of 2x185= 370 So 2 Razors for $349.00 and one free Bottom plate sounds better :eek:) But at $400.00 its going to be tough on alot of Members here :eek:/ bit i guess tgis set may not be for everyone :eek:/ just my 2 cents, no offense to Stan or anyone :eek:)
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  14. I would like to see the Atlas Handle in the Titan size :eek:/ i already have the Titan so i guess i could order the Atlas and plate seperatley ?

    Ohh buy the way, That freaken Titan is Amazing :thumbup:
  15. I am actually glad the Atlas handle is shorter!
  16. Are the bottom plates all the same style? Just one is more shaven down then the next?
  17. yes your right a shorter handle is good, i have a weber Bulldog handle and love it as well :biggrin1:
  18. Yes, the cap will fit all three. The base plates adjust the aggressiveness.

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