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    Do you do a ATG pass on upper lip (Mustache) area? Everytime I try doing this I get lot of irritation or nicks and cuts. If you do not do it then how do you get it clean on that area?
  2. I have dark brown hair, so stubble (esp on the 'stache) shows up very clearly - I go ATG on that area, otherwise it looks like my moustache stubble is growing faster than the rest of my facial hair.

    I go very carefully and make sure that the lather is thick, and I stretch the skin both with my free hand, and by bringing my top lip over my teeth.
  3. ...I cant go ATG on my stache area...I picked up a technique from Mantic where you kinda go in on an angle with a buff...I'll see if I can find the video...

    ...heres the one where I got it from, but I also found one that deals with shaving the mustache area exclusively...he mentions the mustache area at about 4.50...

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  4. No, it's too awkward. I go XTG and it works fine.
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    Up until very recently, I almost never bothered. Just too time-consuming. Within the last couple months, I've been giving it a go once a week or so, just to break up the routine a bit. Above advice is very good: stretch it out as much as you can, and gooooooo slooooooow.
  6. ATG every day. Sometimes its better than others but really depends on how careful I am, and what equipment I'm using. I have cut my lip a few times when i wasn't paying attention. Ouch
  7. Yes I do and it is the most difficult area to work with. I can't shave ATG on my upper lip unless I am using a very sharp blade. Some blades just won't work, even on the first use out of the wrapper.

    Here's what I do:

    First pass shave WTG, for me that is down and slightly out from center.
    Second pass XTG, horizontal from center out.
    Third pass XTG, horizontal from outside toward center.
    Some days I stop here and call it good enough. These are all done with a very light touch.
    Fourth pass, depends on the blade, if sharp enough go straight up ATG. If the slightest hint of tugging occurs, change to an oblique XTG angle from center going up and out at about a 45 degree angle.
    Then sometimes I do a little bit of a pivoting J hook from outside in.

    I don't necessarily do all of these steps and with a very sharp blade, like a Feather, I can do all of this in 3 passes. I do my upper lip last, so all the passes go in rapid succession and re-lathering is just a quick swipe with the brush. Experiment with different angles and don't be afraid to call it good enough. Use an extremely light touch and quit at the first sign of irritation, there's always tomorrow to try again.
  8. I can do ATG in this area, but the first few times were rough. :crying:

    I think with practice your technique will improve, and ATG won't be a problem. :thumbup1:
  9. luvmysuper

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    WTG, XTG left to right, XTG right to left, ATG.
    Every day, regardless of razor used.
    Unless you're a sensitive skin guy, it can be done irritation free.
    You just have to work out the best way for you to do it.
    If you can't, you just may have too sensitive skin there and have to live with it like some people do with the bizarre whorls of hair on each side of the adams apple.
  10. I go "ATG" in that I go with the direction of the curve of the mouth, not straight up towards the ceiling. I can get BBS this way. Even then, it's good to be careful.
  11. It is tough. Gotta' be very careful. Sometimes I just go XTG and leave it.
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    This is a repost from my previous thread:

    For most of us the whiskers under the nose are very coarse and tough. I used to nick myself all the time but I found a solution a while back. This is what I do:

    I shave in three passes (WTG, XTG, ATG) plus touch up. On the third pass while shaving under the nose, I lightly go against the grain (at times light blade buffing) shaving the upper half of the whiskers on the mustache area. During touch up I do a normal ATG under the nose.
    Again I always used to cut myself under the nose. This will work well with any DE/SE razor including very "aggressive" razor. My daily razor is a Muhle R41 (2011).
    Also a general rule is to never hunker down. If at any time I feel the blade flex or pull/tug on the whiskers, I stop and decrease the pressure and resume with a very light touch.
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    here are the vids from one of B&B great members Mantic
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  14. I used to when I first started shaving with a cart, but I gave it up. The perfectly smooth mustache area just isn't worth a sliced lip. I haven't even tried with a DE. I go XTG, kind of at an angle.
  15. NEVER for me.....WTG and ANGLE for the next 2 passes.
  16. I can't do it. Whenever I go ATG up there, I end up with the dreaded white bumps. I do WTG XTG XTG Touch Ups and I get a DFS that works well enough for my relatively sparse beard.
  17. +1....exactly what I do....sometimes I don't shave the upper lip everyday to get that stubble look....
  18. I go ATG under the nose every day.
    A smill bit of irritation will show up around midweek, but nothing to stress about.
  19. I usually do three passes on the upper lip:

    1. WTG: North to South.
    2. XTG: from nose out to corner of lip on each side.
    3. ATG: South to North, in two stages:
      • First I do the lower half of the lip
      • Then I do the upper half.

    For the ATG I use very short, light strokes, sometimes with a tiny bit of buffing. To my amazement, I rarely draw blood. When I first tried this, a year ago, it was always a minor bloodbath, but somehow I got better at it. Ironically, the ATG works better with a more aggressive razor (OCMM or 2011 R41). I suppose it's because an aggressive razor forces you to learn and use the lightest possible touch. YMMV.
  20. WTG & XTG, i leave the ATG for my neck

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