At what point do you move from a boar brush to a badger?

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  1. Apologies if this should be in the brush section. It's a brush question, but also a newbie one, so I'm happy to be corrected. I currently have a cheap boar brush from Walmart (VDH?). While there is nothing "wrong" with it, at what point should I upgrade? I have the cheap puck the brush came with, and also some Proraso. I find that I've been much happier with the Proraso. Will I notice THAT much difference with a nicer badger brush? I also have on order a sample (Musgo Real, Talbac, Taylor Lavender, Taylor Sandalwood, Trumper Rose, and Truefitt & Hill West Indian Limes). I'm not against getting a badger brush, just want to make sure I'm doing it for the right reasons (other than just helping the economy).
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    Answer... whenever you want to, but it's not a "graduation"
    Some folks have gone from badger to boar, while other use both.

    Many folks will be along to chime in, so expect so many different answers that you'll still have to make the decision for yourself :biggrin1:
  3. 2:22 pm June 29,2012 seems like a good point.
  4. +1
  5. Actually, I suggest you keep and continue to use the VDH Boar ... in a year (or less) when it softens a little, you will be happily surprised!

    Yeah, you can use other brushes, just don't forget the VDH.

    I have Badger, but I like the feel of Boar and could enjoy shaving with just my VDH & Omega brushes ... and put the Badger in a drawer permanently. YMMV.
  6. Something I forgot to mention...I don't shave my face really (3-4 times a year, maybe). I DO, however, shave my head every few days. Perhaps I'd appreciate a stiffer brush on my head, and a softer badger one would kind of be lost on me?
  7. The shaving journey is about experiencing different things and trying to find something possibly more pleasant and then trying again. I went from badger to boar and back and now want to try a synthetic.
  8. The problem lies in the fact that you will always wonder what you are missing. And unfortunately(!?!??), you will try a badger eventually:biggrin1:. (By the way, I use boars 90% of the time). Enjoy your shave!
  9. Never used boar, always badger.
  10. I was a complete Boar freak and have moved to best and silvertip badger. A lot softer and nice and scrubby with a luxurious feel that can't be duplicated by boar. Don't get me wrong, boar can be soft and scrubby but my interest have moved on to badger.....It's a highly personal thing.
  11. I'm about to go the other way: I have a pure, a finest, about to get a mix of boar and badger, then I would like an all-boar and a silvertip. All for no other reason than just to have them
  12. For most things at B&B, the answer is YMMV. There other default answers here are "Yes, you should buy that" and "You should buy it NOW!"
  13. There are all badger people, all boar people, and guys that use both. I'm that guy but mostly a boar fellow. I agree with others... get and use both, get a quality boar and badger and give them all a place in your rotation. You will find it is not really about one being better but you get a different feel and experience. That's what makes this wetshaving journey fun! Have fun experimenting.
  14. (Watch this) Have you considered Horse?
  15. I had a boar for over a year, and only recently (2 weeks ago) got a silvertip badger. Like you, I shave my head. Between MY boar and MY badger, the badger holds far more lather, which is nice when you have a lot more real estate to spread it on (like your head). The boar worked fine when I was using a fusion on the dome and could get BBS in one ATG pass. But I ran out of cartridges and refuse to drop that kind of cash again, so have been using a DE. It takes me more passes, and therefore, more lather to get the job done. That's why I like my badger. But the boar worked perfectly well for the year I had it. But as with everything on these forums, YMMV.
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    Whenever you want. Just don't get rid of the boar. Variety is the spice of life. :wink:
  17. I don't know this guy, but I couldn't have said it better...............JR
  18. Once you know how to make lather, it doesn't really matter what kind of brush you use. I've made great lather from same soap/cream using cheap CVS boar brush and I've made great lather from Crabtree brush.
  19. Keep the boar and get the badger. I have one of each and like both. I use one and then to give it time to dry, the next day I use the other. It truly is about having a little variety. Enjoy.
  20. No move from one to the other. I love both for my face lathering.

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