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  1. Yesterday I wanted to try a new Astra Platinum (my first time with it). I did the usual prep, lather, etc. then started to shave with my Merkur 38 and said to myself: how stupid, you forgot to put the blade in the razor... But no, the blade was there, it was just sooo smooth.

    The result being BBS, and an eBay order for 100 of those caressing wonders!

  2. Yeah, almost as smooth as a rusty saw.
  3. Congratulations on your good shave!
    Hopefully, you'll get many more like it.
  4. its funny in my 33c they're very smooth in all directions, in my 12c they're smooth WTG, but not all that great in XTG or ATG...same goes for the dark blue Gillettes I've tried
  5. I had a few packs of these from some big samplers that I got. Every time I use them, I can't mentally get past all the glue and write them off, but after a couple shaves with them, I'm surprised how good they are.
  6. I don't get the hate? The glue spots don't do anything to me, and I think they're about the most consistent of all of my blades except maybe Gillette 7 o'clock or some other blade 2-3x as expensive...
  7. Great blade that gives a superb shave for the price. I have 500 stashed away! Welcome to Club Astra SP!
  8. they are very sharp i just got these, time will tell about lasting power
  9. My favorite smooth sharp wonderful blade.
  10. Their the "arko" of the blade world.....nicely priced, and a definite over achiever for the price tag.
  11. Used one in an R41 today...what a sweet combo.
  12. Astra is the blade I use when I get a new razor.

    It is a consistent performer so makes evacuating a new razor a lot simpler.
  13. I really don't understand the glue spots performance-wise. I very often gunk up my blade and the lather usually is the only cause.
  14. For me Astra blades give a shave just as good as any of the more expensive blades but at a much better value. I like them so much that I use them exclusively and have 2500 on hand. I plan to order another 2 dozen boxes shortly. Buying today at $8 per box will be a big saving in the long term.
  15. Put one in a slim adjustable this morning.

    Very nice.
  16. So, what exactly do you do with new razors?:lol:
  17. The old SP's messed my face up first time I used them. Revisited them after my skills got better and WOW! Still getting some minor irritation but thats my technique I suppose that still needs some honing.
  18. WOW! Do you shave three times a day with a new blade each time? What's with the blade hording?

    Some things are better left unknown....
  19. Astra SPs are currently my favored blades in my closed comb razors-EJ89, Fatboy, Muhle R89.
  20. Astra's SP and Feather Blades are both Excellent Razor Blades :O) Welcome to the Astra Cult. Oops i mean Club LOL

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