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  1. Aston Grey is DSW's (Designer Shoe Warehouse) house brand... I got a pair of their boots today (Was too afraid to pony up for AE's just yet). These are full leather uppers and full synthetic soles. Made in China... I could not find a negative review on the internet so I figured they are worth a shot. is what I got. I'm wearing them out tonight once the OSU/Wichita State game is over. They look nice with jeans and so far are comfortable. I'll see what I say after last call...

    I'll post some photos tomorrow night when I can get some better light.

    I'm hoping I can get some time out of them since I barely wear non-kitchen clogs.

    Thanks for looking. Here is to hoping.
  2. Perhaps I'm just not "in the know" with footwear, but why are they "Grey" if they are actually brown?
  3. Because Mr. and Mrs. Grey had a child named Ashton. And in the US we use "gray" for the color. I'm pretty sure Canada uses "grey," right?
  4. Well its after last call and my feet don't hurt other than some of the regular points that need to break in. I have an odd foot and have never had a shoe that didn't need a few sessions to sweat and stretch.

    I even had a lady (term used loosely) compliment me on them when she saw them when my jeans rode up a bit when I sat down! :D

    And yes, Aston Grey is the brand not the color. The color of that pair is Whiskey.
  5. Those look a lot like the AE Daltons I got recently. I also have another pair on order in a discontinued color, gray. I really did not need them at this time but price was so good, 195 plus a deal if I send in an old pair of worn shoes, get another $35 off, so it comes down to about $160 for a pair of normally $400 boots. I have a hard to fit foot, wearing a 12 A or B, and the AE last fits me perfectly.
  6. Yeah I was looking for a pair of Daltons to try on before I splurged on the Astons...

    Lighting is bad now since it is dark out due to weather. I'll try for some pics tomorrow. :/
  7. Cheap shoes, cheap pics ;)

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