Art of shaving unscented SS ingredients?

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by Domo, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. Could someone please, please post the full ingredients list for the Art of Shaving unscented shave soap?

    I have a friend who is suffering reactions to EVERY soap and cream and this may be his only hope.
  2. Jim

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    Here is a few,it may be helpful I don't know- I don't have an unscented.

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  3. if your friend is having lots of problems, i'd recommend a puck of mama bear's unscented, uncolored, pure glycerin soap. it's one of the most basic and mild soaps available. works well and is inexpensive.
  4. Thanks Gents.

    He actually has a salicylate sensitivity and needs to avoid scents (EO, FO etc). I'll look into the MB unscented soap but if anyone has the full list for the AOS unscented, that would be very helpful.
  5. I'd be willing to bet that the soaps Jim showed the list for is the same for the Unscented. Just minus the essential oils. I'd the Unscented would be quite gentle.
  6. You are probably correct. I think the AOS unscented will be the way to go.
  7. I called AOS a few weeks ago. I was told that all the soaps are the same formula, except for the scent, so I assume the info from Jim is correct. Just delete the essential oil and what is left is the unscented soap.

    I have not used the unscented soap, but have found the Lavender and Lemon scented versions to be very mild.
  8. Go to your local Nordstrom - the only soap they have in stock is the Unscented (convenient for you, frustrating for me).
    Scratch that - guess they're not in Sydney...
  9. These guys should be able to give you a correct answer...
  10. Does either AOS or Hirsh contain Shea Butter?
  11. Jim

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    This thread is about 4 years old and the AOS soaps formula has changed since then.
  12. Couple soaps that have Shea to help point you in the right direction. Provence Sainte green tea & Strop Shopping. I'm sure there's more but two off top my head.
  13. For what its worth, VDH also has Shea
  14. Hirsh is heavy on Shea butter. Which I love. Made me put my AOS and TOBS on reserve. Nothing has made my face feel as great as Hirsh.

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