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  1. I Arrived in England from Germany yesterday, and bought some Tesco blades. used them this morning. Just returned to DE shaving after 30 years and using a Merkur HD. Didn't like the Merkur blades - seemed to drag and snag. Wilkinsons just seemed blunt. Cerus (German Drugstore own brand) blades were the cheapest and seemed to suit me best of those I could find in Germany, but these Tesco blades are in a different league - they just seemed to glide through the beard.

    Later in the week I will look for the Boots' blades (which are supposed to be the same as Tesco), and I will find some Gillette's in Boots too, I guess. Lets see how that goes. Derbies I can buy cheaply on eBay UK, but I haven't seen the Personas advertised.

    Glad I found the Tesco blades - quite a difference!
  2. You won't get the Gillette Swedish in Boots. They are only available in John Lewis which is a large department store.
  3. You might be able to pick up the Swedish Gillettes in smaller independant chemists shops too, I have seen them in a few places on my travels. :smile:
  4. How much are Tesco blades?
    We need another "Tesco train."
  5. Good to hear you like the Tesco blades. :thumbup1:

  6. The last time I bought some Tesco blades, they were £1.99 for ten
  7. The Boots' blades cost £2.49.
  8. Yes, I found the Gillette blades in John Lewis. £1.80 for FIVE, so quite expensive. They may be a little better than the Tesco blades but my first impression is not enough to justify the extra cost. I have not opened the Boots packet yet. Someone sent me some Personas from the USA - again, only one shave but they are at least as good as the Tesco Blades. I must continue the test. It may not be worth the hassle of getting them if the difference is marginal. The Derby's I have seen on eBay UK.

    Are the Personas and Feathers available in UK?

    So my personal provisional ranking:

    1 Tesco (= Boots but not tested)(Made in Britain)
    2= Swedes
    2= Personna
    3 Cerus - German Dugstore own brand "Made in Germany")
    3 Mekur - snagged my beard, but must try again after two weeks of DE shaving
    4 Wilkinsons - just rubbish

    Derbies not tested.

    All used with Merkur HD

    I see Sainsbury has an "Own Brand" DE blade - anyone tried them? Are they the same as the Boots/Tesco?
  9. Not that I know of, but then I haven't been looking either. Maybe someone else knows?

    I actually prefer the Tesco blades followed by the Swedes in my LHC.
    When using the slant, Derby is my favourite. You should try it. I can even go ATG above my upper lip without nicking myself when I use the slant.
  10. Personnas and feathers are not available in the UK except sometimes on ebay.
    The Sainsburys blades are in fact Dorco's and are very mild, ideal for sensitive skin types but not as sharp as Tesco's IMO. The Gillettes in John Lewis are cheaper in stores outside London. I can get them for £1.25 in Reading John Lewis.
  11. I don't know where abouts you are in the Uk but I was in the Trafford Centre in Manchester a couple of weeks ago and in Selfridges&co they have a wetshaving section selling TOBS products including DE's, Straights, Strops, brushes, blades and all the soaps and creams etc. I was very surprised to see such a large selection.
    Hope that helps.
  12. Taz


    OK OK Boots and Tesco blades can we get them in US
  13. I live about 3 miles from The Gentlemans Shop so I am in DE heaven :biggrin:
  14. I would doubt it. Boots is the largest chain of Drugstores in UK. Tesco is the largest supermarket chain. The blades are of British manufacture.

    I have read on this board that Personnas are available in ASDA, which is another large supermarket chain now owned by Walmart.
  15. Taz


    I think we have an insider that can get some for us:blush:
  16. A ten pack of Tescos coast £1.99 and weighs 16g in its outer wrapping - 12 g just in the plastic blade case.

    The Boots blades are a little heavier in the outer packing - thicker cardboard.

    The Royal Mail postal rates - Zone 1 for USA - are here:

    so you can work out the rates - it may be cheaper for a big order to be sent to one person Stateside for onward distribution.
  17. Taz


    I can get a bunch then just but them on the B/S/T if this is a go I will send PM
  18. Last week i d ordered derby DE razor blades on the ebay from uk seller.I recieved them in 2 days after i ordered.anyway, he also had put derby razor blade for body shave.I tried it and i need to say that these are amazing.
    I really wondered how much those are and he said that 70 pack of disposable razor blades are £9.99.
  19. Yes, Personna's are offered by ASDA. I bought some last week.
  20. I'll personally import a load over in September/October if someone wants to buy them in bulk from me to do the distributing in the USA.

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